Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sports Wrap Up: Oh, the Drama!

I don't usually write about sports unless it intersects with Hollywood so here goes...

The Lakers have gone Hollywood and it has affected their game! Kobe Bryant got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Pau Gasol is acting in TV forensic shows and Lamar Odlum is in reality show with one of the Kardashians. Now rumors of wife and girl friend fall outs abound. The rumors may or may not be true but perhaps all this "drama" did lead to the LA Lakers being unfocused and running out of gas, eventually getting them swept: So, no fairy tale ending for P.J. Maybe time to shake everything up on this team--

With Spurs and Celtics out that leaves juggernaut Miami with Lebron, D-Wade and Borsch to dominate. If they win they vindicate Lebron's choice on his way to his first ring and a building of a dynasty. Lebron has his own problems (mommie drama)and ego( a TV show for your announcement- really) but he looks like a nice enough guy so all the hate coming from Cleveland at the beginning of the season actually had me praying for the big guy.

Not only is LeBron a great player, he also has an animated TV show on the air and he is a very good pitchman for various products. As Kobe ages, LeBron will be the face of the league for the future so he will be playing basketball or peddling products on TV for years to come.

Speaking of pitchmen, Shaq looked old and hobbled and barely played for Celtics in their lossing effort but he is still one of my favs. Will he retire this season? If he does it will be with a stellar career, 4 teams (LA, Miami, Phoenix, Celtics) and 4Championship rings.

Dallas is looking good but I'll take a wait and see approach to predicting the NBA Championship finalists.


Will there be an NBA lock out?


Will they eject players for saying the other "f" word?

FOOTBALL:NFL Lockout threatens season!

Dodger's Ethier (a face made for Hollywood if I ever saw one ;) gets hit record with 30 consecutive but broken in Mets game.

A player did a serious hat trick in a play-off game on 5/14!

Update: 5-26-11
Lakers new coach is Mike Brown who was also LeBron's old coach from Cleveland Cavaliers.