Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Movie Previews 2011

Due to recent financial constraints, I'm having to be extremely picky about which movie I'll spend upwards of $13 to see. The result is extensive online and print research on the movies before I even venture out. But sadly, most of the recent movie releases have not been to my liking and I haven't even been moved to see a single movie in over 3 months (which is totally unlike me).

Hopefully, my slump will end soon as there are a few Fall movies being released that are garnering a bit of Oscar buzz among them are Moneyball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill and Ides of March starring Ryan Goslin and Oscar fav, George Clooney. I like baseball movies like The Natural, League Of Their Own, Field of Dreams, Hardball and Angels In The Outfield so I might see Moneyball but it had better be good cause I'm tough on sports movies.

And I'm even tougher on Mr. George "if I'm in it then it deserves an Oscar nod" Clooney than I am on baseball movies, so I may not go to see Ides either. Clooney appeals to many women but his Box Office numbers never seem to be that impressive outside of the Ocean's Eleven franchise and maybe Up In The Air but maybe Ides will be a home run.

Drive (also starring Goslin) got some good reviews but it seems that it's an acquired taste due to the violence and the quirky choice of the director to have minimal dialogues in some scenes. Still the movie has not done well in the young male demographic that was its target audience. I’m not young or male but I wasn’t sold on Ryan Gosling in the lead as an action or dangerous type. In fact, I was hyped to see Drive when I mistakenly thought it was Daniel Craig on the movie poster-lol. And what's up with that neon pink lettering on the poster? All that being said, if I’d known Bryan Cranston was in Drive I would have been first in line to see this movie!

Another violent actionner, Killer Elite, opens in a few weeks. It stars Clive Owens and Jason Statham paired with the great, Robert DeNiro as dueling special ops teams but I somehow don't have high hopes for this one.

50/50 a movie about a young guy with cancer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen comes out in a week. I really like JG-L especially in 500 Days Of Summer but Seth is definitely an acquired taste.

Chick Flicks:
The summer hold-over The Helpis still doing well in theaters and I am actually seeing people reading the book, too. Expect to see these women in contention for at least one Oscar this season. Sarah Jessica Parker is also back on the big screen in a rom-com called Don't Know How She Does It , a movie that I'm sure I've seen before. SJP is a hard sell for me outside of the Sex And The City movies so I think I will skip it.

Kids/Family Releases:
Still, kids and family favorites like the re-release of The Lion King in 3D have dominated the box office and A Dolphin Tale's numbers are growing. Though I've seen the Lion King tons of times, I'll still be at the El Capitan Theatre to see it in 3D and look forward to its Blu-Ray release.

Real Steel (starring Hugh Jackman) is due to open in October but I felt the trailers were a little campy. It might do well in the Transformers demographics or if the 45 plus demographics remember their love for the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots-lol. Well, we'll see.

Duck!!! More Remakes Are Coming!!!!
All I can say is, remaking The Thing? Why?!?!?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MJ's Doctor's Trial Begins

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, just began and I couldn't resist watching a bit of the testimony. This case comes down to one thing, irregardless of what MJ may have done, doctors take an oath that holds us legally responsible i.e. that we must "cause no harm". Dr. Murray, the dermatologist, the pharmacists and all the other health professionals that treated MJ could have stopped all this and force MJ to rehab at any moment instead of enabling him to his death.

I only knew MJ from TV, media etc. but I could tell he had serious mental issues from childhood(or lack of it) and that he had some type of abuse/addiction problem. So if you are unwise enough to sign on to be a doctor under these circumstances, you assume the risk. Propofol IV medication for sleep at home is crazy enough but why not set up in a proper setting with monitoring equipment and staff to give the drug or wean the drug appropriately. In fact, why not send him to a sleep or addiction specialist clinic while you're at it?

And if Murray didn't know all that was going on with MJ or found out suspicious things were going on (Demerol use etc), why clear him medically for the tour and have them add 20 more shows to the initial 30? Why not just tell AEG the situation, document it medically, quit as his doctor and have them replace you?

Also, why be in another room on the phone with frivolous calls when your patient is in potential risk of his breath stopping due to propolfol.

The moral: Doctors can not afford to be impressed by celebrity when they treat or care for celebrities because it will always end badly.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11 Ten Years Later

9/11 And Prayer:

Mayor Bloomsberg is keeping prayer and Christian religious leaders out from the memorial ceremonies but God bless Bishop TD Jakes for posting a wonderful prayer at!

9-11 was all about our need for God and prayer. I was in DC during the 911 attacks then I was blessed to have been able to provide health care to the World Trade Center survivors and first responders for 2 years in NY/NJ after 9/11. Though these first responders and survivors struggled with the horrors of what they experienced, all of those I met were Christians and they expressed their faith in and need for God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

Many had respiratory problems and all had great emotional scars which needed attending. We arranged for them to get the appropriate medical and mental health specialty care for free but many still asked for help through our mutual faith and so I would hold their hand or shoulder and pray with them in the quiet of a small exam room.

I recited every healing scripture I could remember and held them all like family. I let them know that they were "mighty men and women of valor" and that they made me proud to be an American. I told them that I and everyone I knew had been praying for them since the first plane hit nearly a year before, though we'd never met any of them.

I told them that their experiences and heroic acts that day were the reason I had gotten over my own medical problems of chronic pain and burn-out to return to medicine and to be now caring for them in their time of need. I told them that they had inspired me to believe God for healing even more than I've ever done in my 20 years of medicine!

After some "AMEN"s and a few tears, we were all very comforted and ready to continue the fight of faith for our healing. I have since moved on from New York and New Jersey and from medicine but I still pray for these men and women even now, 10 years later. I also pray for all the families who lost love ones in the World Trade Center attack, Flight 11, Flight 77, Flight 175 and Flight 93.

I tell all who are in need of healing of any kind, "Believe in the Great Physician! Believe GOD!" and "may God bless the USA!"

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Closer On My Patio

The TV show The Closer filmed at my apartment today and it was real fun! I got to hang out and to pick the brains of the producer, PA, and location crew at poolside then I returned to my apartment and the cool A/C as they shot a scene about 4 feet from my patio. The cast and crew chatted with me in between takes about production issues and about my friends BBQ grill on my patio. They even joked about skipping the craft service food and instead hopping down on my patio for BBQ ribs!

Unfortunately, Kyra Sedgwick, G.W. Bailey and most of the primary cast were absent but I got such industry insider access including a Sunshine Kids shout out as Oscar-winning producer, Andy Sacks discovered that both he and I were wearing Sunshine Kids tees! G.W. Bailey is the executive director of the Sunshine Kids and most of the Closer's cast and crew are active with the organization and I volunteer occassionally with the Sunshine Kids so it was a win-win. AMAZING GOD!!!

I found that it was real hard to stay quiet on set(more proof that I talk too much-lol). I took a few pics but it was a closed set so I couldn't take many or do videos. Watch for this episode of The Closer and visit The Closer at & visit or find them on FACEBOOK. Thanks again Lord!

Captain America & Comic Con

Tue 7/19/11
Comic-geek alert! I was on Hollywood Blvd for the red carpet premiere of Captain America at the El Capitan Theater today and boy did they transform Hollywood Blvd into a patriotic and splendorous sight. They draped the entire block in red, white and blue and the stars and stripes and they erected a 30 foot high shield with a large crane. I saw many stars and top directors including the movie's star, Chris Evans, and the other Avengers- Oscar winner, Robert Downey, Jr.(Iron Man), Samuel Jackson(Nick Fury), Chris Helmswort (Thor) and actor/director, Kenneth Branaugh.

Obviously all this was a lead up to the upcoming ensemble Avenger movie projected for 2012. I don't know how much longer the comic book/super hero movie craze will continue in Hollywood but I for one am eager to see Captain America. The trailer is just the right blend of patriotism, 40's/WWII nostalgia and good action without the over-hyped CGI heavy effects that have taken over the industry these days. The story seems very solid so I think it will be worth the ticket price which is crucial in these tough financial times. My movie review will be posted later with the end of summer movie wrap up.

Captain America Fashion:
All the men looked suave but, with no A-list Hollywood female stars on the cast, the red carpet for this movie was not fashion heavy. A bespectacled Evans looked very nice but he blew off the entire crowd including a 7 year old boy who had bean waiting for him to stop and sign his miniature Captain America shield (boo Chris!). Everything else was great though, plus they had the classic 40's silver roadster from the movie parked along the boulevard and the free mini red(strawberry), white(vanilla) and blue(berry) flavored ice cream cones they handed out were a hit.

I thank God for the opportunity to be in this industry rich environment and the time to enjoy it and I'm especially glad that God has me under His big shield!

Comic Con
starts this Thursday night but I'm less eager for Comic Con this sort of tame year. With the exception of Steven Spielberg first appearance at Con with Tin Tin (what took him so long???) and the premiere of Cowboys and Indians at the event, there are no other big tent pole movies expected.

Oh, Oh. Cowboys and Indians is getting poor word of mouth and the Conan movie trailers seem “meh” to me so I'll be skipping that, too. I guess it'll be Kung Fu Panda 2 for me 'cause no other movie is talking to me.