Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

B**** and the Plague of Primetime Profanity

I have been complaining about the rampant use of profanity since the start of the new 2009 Fall TV season. The "b" word is the one I hear most frequently now and, sadly, it is often being said on air by women to other women, by husbands to their wives or by children. For example:

Parks and Recreation (NBC)aired Thurs 11/5/09
B**** said at 8:15 pm husband about wife

NCIS LA (CBS) Sat 11/7/09
B**** said husband about wife

Law and Order (NBC) Sat 11/7/09
B**** said at 9:45 pm by mugger about female victim

Biggest Loser (NBC) 11/10/09
B**** said by trainer to contestants

The Adventures of Old Christine
B**** said at 8:25 pm by woman about another woman

The Amazing Race (CBS) Sunday

B**** said at 8:17 pm by one gay brother to another

30 Rock (NBC)

(pre-teen?)Tracey Jr. says B**** at 9:40 pm

Reality TV or scripted, b**** is the new "in" word. What I want to know is exactly when did we loose our moral compass? If this offends you like it does me, then contact the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) at They will investigate your claim and can fine the networks if they deem it necessary.

Better yet, just turn the channel. I have been turning the channel away from the networks and cable and I have been enjoying great family shows and movies on Ion and This. I have also been enjoying do-it-yourself programs on HGTV and the Food Network as well as great praise and worship on the Worship Network, DayStar and TBN.

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