Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscars 2010: Nominations and Predictions

The Oscars nominations were announced today and I got an upfront look at the process when I was at the Sam Goldwyn building as they cleared the press and their credentials a day before the event. It was a big treat for me as, for a moment, I was mistaken to be part of the Hollywood press. This moment at the Oscars nomination credentialing felt very prophetic, as establishing myself as a Christian movie critic and entertainment industry journalist is one of the dreams that I have been praying very hard about.

Great To Be Nominated:
This will be an interesting Oscars to watch, as the Academy now has 10 nominee slots for each category. For those writers, actors, producers, editors and directors who were not nominated, I wish them better luck next time. I am also praying that I, too, will be a nominee for 'Best Original or Best Adapted Screenplay' and one day carry home an Oscar of my own.

See a full list of all those nominated at

My Thoughts On The Nominations:
All things being equal, Up should win for Best Picture of the Year hands down! This movie was awesome and not just visually (hint: Avatar) because the script was great too. This movie made me laugh and it had great action and suspense with or without the 3D effects. In fact, this movie was so touching that I was brought to tears a few times.

If you haven't seen this movie get it on DVD and watch it because you won't regret it. I told everyone I know to go and see Up just like I did after seeing WALL-E last year and Beauty and the Beast a decade or more before (both could have easily won best pic of their respective year). IMHO, animated films are blowing their live action counter-parts out of the water, point blank. I think the Academy has gotten over its bias against animated films as it did when Lord Of The Rings:LOTR(a fantasy/sci-fi) won best pic in 2004. Plus, most of the voting members are old or getting there and Up has to be their top pick, too(lol). So Up should win, all things being equal of course.

Should Have been Nominated:
Though the post-apocalyptic movie, The Road, was a bit too dark for some, Viggo Mortensen's performance was great as well as that of the child actor who played his son, Kodi McPhee. They definitely should have received best actor and best supporting actor nods. I was also riveted by Heath Leadger's performance in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (and the interesting way the other actors were substituted for him after his death) but I was disappointed about the film overall.

Shoo-ins to Win:
Jeff Bridges will win 'Best Actor' hands down and deserves it. Win or lose, I'm also glad to see that The Blindside(nearly $250 in box office) and Sandra Bullock were acknowledged and I can never hate on a Meryl Streep nomination... ever. I'm also rooting for Kathryn Bigelow to win Best Director over James Cameron, which would be a massive upset.

Ratings wise: THE ONLY reason I will be watching this year's Oscars is to see these women win as well as to see a Christian movie like The Blindside get a nod!

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