Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent Begins In Hollywood

A season of hope begins as Lent begins in Holly-wood:

The build up to Easter, Holy Week, Passover, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and, most importantly, Resurrection Sunday(Easter) began last Wednesday. I attended Ash Wednesday service at Ecclesia at 7 pm at night and the church was filled with young believers in their 20s and 30s and we all declared that "we are sinners and dead(dust) but for Christ!" and that we repent and that we are dead to sin, thus received the sign of a cross of ashes(dust) on our forehead.

Instead of fasting for Lent, Ecclesia is encouraging us to do 1 in 40 (1/40)or 40 days of prayer and service for 1 person in need. First ASK: So from March 6th-19th we are to pray and ASK God for the name of the person He wants us to help. Then SEEK: From March 20th - April 2nd, we are to pray and SEEK God for the specific needs for this person and connect with them. Finally, KNOCK: From April 3rd - April 24th, we are to KNOCK to open a way or door so we can help them meet their needs as God leads us.

Update: 3/21/11
I found my 1 in 40s and they sure are knocking so I am continually seeking the Lord for guidance.

First Sunday of Lent:
Pastor Joseph did a wonderful sermon on Marriage, Singleness and Divorce from I Corinthians Chap 7, 8. Guys, this is a must listen so download it at itunes or from

Second Sunday of Lent:
Another great sermon from 1 Corinthians, this time the Man as head of the family, why it is scriptural correct and how it applies to us in these modern times.

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