Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesdays @ The Pacific in Hollywood

Ecclesia has started a mid-week gathering on Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater. There was live acoustic music then a short devotional on Psalms 88 related to the Transparency teaching sermons followed by a round table discussion plus time to hang with fellow Ecclesians and soak in the word.

I attended last week (6/29)for the first one and I had an amazing time. I had been missing the mid-week community group meetings that was on hiatus so I was stoked to attend as seemingly others were too, as there was over fifty of us there. The atmosphere was so lovely with the lobby lit only by candles and the tables intimately draped in dark cloth and "playbills" on the tables listing the musical artists in the series and the Biblical scriptures for the night.

I sat under a baroque chandelier in front near a small stage and listened to tall lanky Dave Torstenson as he shyly introduced himself then played some alternative styled gospel songs that he had written himself. Dave appeared without his band who couldn't make it but he played the guitar and several other instruments as he sang five songs solo including one on an accordion that has a funny relationship with Weird Al Yankovich (God has a sense of humor)!

Then the Director of Communications came on stage and lead us through the scriptural reading and her personal reflection from the Transparency series last week on Anger Towards God. Then each table's small group discussed our own personal reflections on the scriptures for the night including:

Psalm 88
Jonah Chapter 4
Zephaniah 3:17

Then each table's small group discussed our own personal take on the reflection questions for the night.


1. How can anger reveal the kingdom you're willing to fight for?
2. When is anger appropriate?
3. Do your relationships in community affect how you handle anger? If so, how?

Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater will continue through July with:

6/29 Dave Torstenson
7/6 Marcos Estevez

7/13 Cristina Kaufman

7/20 Joseph Barkley (Pastor)

Don't miss the Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater weekly gathering!

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