Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Seen October 2011

Here are some more tasteful (hopefully) star sightings:

Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays BAU's resident cute and nerdy genius, Spencer Reid, on the hit CBS TV show Criminal Minds (along with my TV favs Thomas Gibson, Joe Mangtena, and Shemar Moore) seen crossing the street sipping soda from a straw and cup on the corner of Vermont and Prospect near the Mexican take out place in Los Feliz Village.

Gubler is also one of my TV favs so I tapped him on the arm as we crossed the street and told him, "I love you". He looked at me apologetically but genuinely confused like he wanted to love me back too but couldn't remember ever meeting me and he was quickly running a whole lot of scenarios through his mind as to why a strange woman he just passed walking on the street loved him.

Finally, he realized I meant I loved his work on the show. He then smiled back politely and a bit sheepishly and said "Oh, yeah. Thanks." like he forgot that he's on TV nation wide once a week (twice if you count ION). His attitude was so refreshing and very un-Hollywood as he was totally unaffected by fame and very down to earth. I tell you, I love this guy-lol!

I did feel a little bad about confusing Gubler though so I smiled an apology and I resisted the urge to hand him my script (seriously, I have written a role for him in my feature- only in LA. :) I waved Gubler on his way and he nodded back, raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement and waved good-bye to me with his cup then we both headed off in our respective directions.

I looked back minutes later and saw that he'd crossed the second cross walk and then had strolled over to the area near the Rite Aid store. I guess he was in need of some mundane items like a new tooth brush, after shave or Motrin. I would have guessed he was heading to Rite Aid to get chips to soothe his cravings for munchies, too but that's very unlikely as Gubler is a very slim, lean and lanky guy and, at about 6 feet tall, weighs only about 155 pounds tops. So I doubt he does late night snacking-lol.

This is the second sighting I've had of Mr. Gubler, the first being after the Fantastic Mr. Fox premiere in 2009 when he was right next to me.

Film Bio:
Gubler also played one of the best friends of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character in 500 Days of Summer and he is the voice of Simon (my fav) in the animated movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks. As well as acting, Gubler was a model and he studied film at NYU's Tisch School. He's also a director of TV and film and he does art sketches, too. Gubler is apparently a big fan of Twitter and Tumblir and he maintains many online accounts that I enjoyed visiting.

Faith Encounters:
On the serious side, I have indeed written a role for Gubler in my first feature film script. I usually carry my script (read, "my baby") around with me but I had left it at home in favor of a book of Bible readings as I was heading to church. I had a beautiful day at church then I stopped to pick up some groceries and stuff at that same Rite Aid then I crossed the first intersection.

I was in pain as I walked and my head was bowed, looking up just enough to keep an eye on the crazy LA drivers. I was also truly agonizing over the likeliness of my script ever getting to the big screen and I wondered whether or not my time in Hollywood was just a wasted dream and a big financial drain on my meager budget.

In desperation, I started to pray as I finished crossing the first street and stood on the landing before I started crossing that second street and God just calmed my spirit enough for me to exhale, then for me to smile. The crossing sign flashed walk and I looked up and stepped out and crossed and then Gubler appeared. If I had had my head down with worry I would have totally missed him and the instant encouragement that the encounter with him gave me. Amazing God!

Psalm 3:3
But you, O LORD, are a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of my head.

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