Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Praying For Hollywood Event

Please join us in the Together In Hollywood prayer event on Saturday July 9th where churches from around Los Angeles will be praying for Hollywood and openly joining together to express our hope and faith in the Lord to impact Hollywood through a series of activities running all day long.

The event will start in Northridge at from 8 a.m - 1p.m. with Pastor Netz Gomez at the Houses of Light Church, 19408 Londelius St, Northridge, CA 91324 then it moves to the Hollywood Prayer Network on Gower where they will have a prayer walk and a walk of faith to strategic Hollywood spots. Finally, we all will reconvene at 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. at Ecclesia Church in the Pacific Theater for spectacular worship and community prayer.

Scheduled to appear at the event are Sid Roth from It's Super Natural , Karen Covell of the Hollywood Prayer Network and more. Please try to attend if you are local or pray with us wherever you are at the times listed above. And, of course, we pray that the Holy Spirit presence will be there also.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cineminklings and Larry Crown

The Cineminklings (a group of Ecclesians who love movies) met as a group to view and discuss the new Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts movie, Larry Crown this past Sunday afternoon at the Arclight Theater on Sunset.

Movie Review:
I couldn't go with the Cineminklings this week but reviews for this movie on industry websites have been poor. I am waiting to hear from the group who saw it but I'm not expecting much.

The Weekend Box-Office results are in and Larry Crown seems to be tanking. This is a bit surprising with such high profile and award-winning stars as Roberts and Hanks but there last pairing tanked also.

I think Julia Roberts can still do rom-coms that appeal to the 35 and under crowd but Tom Hanks, not so much. Tom Hanks is looking bloated and aged so he needs to give up rom-com and stay in dramas or super-natural thrillers or if he does rom-com he needs to star paired with older award-winning actresses like Streep, Glen Close, Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton. I do think there is still some rom-com mileage left in Julia Roberts especially if paired with younger male stars like Ryan Reynolds (ala Sandra Bullock) or Gerard Butler or Colin Farrel (ala Jeniffer Aniston) which might be highly entertaining.

4th of July 2011 in Hollywood

4th of July 2011 in Hollywood
I watched gospel TV on Daystar with several sermons on spiritual freedom and independence (Charles Stanley's sermon was great) then I sunned, swam and thanked God during the entire afternoon. At sundown, I broke out the American Flags and candles and watched fireworks as I ate Mexican food with my neighbors/girl friends at a patio picnic where I live. We could see the lovely firework displays from Pasadena, Burbank and Atwater Village all from the comfort of our apartment complex.
Good times!

Theology On Tap!

Don't miss the new monthly gathering offered by Ecclesia Church called Theology On Tap! It offers deeper theological discussions off-site. Each session will be lead by Pastor-in-Residence, Scott Nassau and a panel of Ecclesians at 1736 Public House in Los Feliz.

Wednesdays @ The Pacific in Hollywood

Ecclesia has started a mid-week gathering on Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater. There was live acoustic music then a short devotional on Psalms 88 related to the Transparency teaching sermons followed by a round table discussion plus time to hang with fellow Ecclesians and soak in the word.

I attended last week (6/29)for the first one and I had an amazing time. I had been missing the mid-week community group meetings that was on hiatus so I was stoked to attend as seemingly others were too, as there was over fifty of us there. The atmosphere was so lovely with the lobby lit only by candles and the tables intimately draped in dark cloth and "playbills" on the tables listing the musical artists in the series and the Biblical scriptures for the night.

I sat under a baroque chandelier in front near a small stage and listened to tall lanky Dave Torstenson as he shyly introduced himself then played some alternative styled gospel songs that he had written himself. Dave appeared without his band who couldn't make it but he played the guitar and several other instruments as he sang five songs solo including one on an accordion that has a funny relationship with Weird Al Yankovich (God has a sense of humor)!

Then the Director of Communications came on stage and lead us through the scriptural reading and her personal reflection from the Transparency series last week on Anger Towards God. Then each table's small group discussed our own personal reflections on the scriptures for the night including:

Psalm 88
Jonah Chapter 4
Zephaniah 3:17

Then each table's small group discussed our own personal take on the reflection questions for the night.


1. How can anger reveal the kingdom you're willing to fight for?
2. When is anger appropriate?
3. Do your relationships in community affect how you handle anger? If so, how?

Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater will continue through July with:

6/29 Dave Torstenson
7/6 Marcos Estevez

7/13 Cristina Kaufman

7/20 Joseph Barkley (Pastor)

Don't miss the Wednesdays @ The Pacific Theater weekly gathering!