Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Day at AFM 2012

Tue Nov 6th, 2012 Election Day  

I dropped by the AFM at 5:45 pm and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in the lobby as filmmakers and buyers from all over the world gathered around the large TV monitors and watched the blow-by-blow TV news coverage of the U.S. Presidential election results as they drank cocktails. Seemingly, all the Europeans and the Brazilians were pro-Obama and hating not only on Romney but they were hating on everything American (especially the French). Many Asians were pro-Obama, too but a lot less vocal about it. Sadly, no American in the group corrected our foreign "guests" for their vile "hater" attitude towards Romney and the red states. 

I find it odd that Americans are called "ugly Americans" abroad but I don't know many Americans who would think of going to a foreign country and trashing them so vocally during their election process. No matter who wins the Presidency, I thank God that anyone can speak freely in America despite their race or place of origin. I'm also very thankful for the civil right to vote despite my race, color or creed and I'm thankful to the many Americans who fought to make that possible. I'm proud to be an American and so I voted!

Update: Nov 7th 2012 
It was a close vote but President Obama won another term. Now we'd better stop this "red state" "blue state" nonsense and get to work solving the nation's problems!

**See my adventures with a President Obama look-a-like at my AFM 2010 post and see my Obama pumpkin that I carved in 2010.


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