Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose Parade Float Decorating with CAL Poly!

I helped to decorate a Rose Parade Float in Pasadena on Tuesday 12/29/09 for the theme "A Cut Above". It is the CAL Poly University float called "Jungle Cuts" with zoo/jungle animals on it getting their hair "did".

I helped glue black onions seed and white rice to the zebra's striped neck, sorted crushed orange marigold centers for the giraffes as well as glued white carnation petals to the N in UNIVERSITY. I submitted a similar idea for a float design contest for LaCanad Flintridge's float but "I didn't make the cut"(lol). Please look for this float in the parade as I am very proud of my work (lol).

I made a $2 donation to have a postcard ride on the float for the enirety of the parade. This momento of the float will be mailed to my niece and nephew 'cause they love that type of event.

While I was decorating for CALPoly I saw the Tuskegee Airman float upclose. It has the pictures of the famed airmen done in flowers and planes with working propellors. It is very nice but a must see is the only Christian themed float from the Lutheran Church. Unfortunately, I won't be going to the parade or float viewing this year so this will have to do for me. I also won't be attending any Rose Bowl games as the tickets cost $500- $2,000.

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