Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gunman's Rampage On Sunset

A real life drama plays out on the streets of Hollywood as a gunman terrorizes Sunset Blvd. at Vine by shooting over 20 bullets in the air and then at many drivers and pedestrian. Weirdly, I was watching it live on TV and all I could say was “Oh, my God! There's my Kinko's and the McDonald's” I hang out after seeing a movie at the ArcLight Theater”. I was due to be in the exact spot of the shooting and so I really started praying then because I know that it was only the grace of God that had kept me away and safe.

Unfortunately, one 40 year old male driver was shot in the neck and later died and 1-2 others had the gunman point the gun at them point blank. Some people, especially the out-of-towners and the foreign tourists, saw the events unfolding but thought it was a movie shoot and stopped to observe it. They soon found that it was not and had the horrific and surreal experience of running for their lives on their vacation.

Thankfully, an armed off-duty police man was in the area and he intervened after calling for back up from a full squad of police who quickly responded. The gunman was fatally shot by the “Good Samaritan” cop after he would not drop a knife he pulled when his gun ran out of bullets. The gunman died at the scene and the police quartered off the area and got reports and video from witnesses.

Police report that the gunman was Tyler Brehm and his friends blame a recent break-up and possible drug use for his rampage. Reports also say that the driver who was shot and killed was John Aterberry, a black music executive turned film producer who had worked with some of the music industry's biggest stars like rappers, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg as well as the late Tupak Shakur. He also worked with popular singers like Christina Aguilera, Brandy, Jessica Simpson and the Spice Girls.

Ironically, Aterberry was said to be producing the Christian film “God's Country” at the time of his death. But, not surprisingly, Sunset Blvd. was back to its weird form of “normal” when I visited the following week after church. Please, pray for Hollywood!

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