Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Ana Winds In H'Wood

The Santa Ana winds really reeked havoc in So. California overnight, causing numerous power outages, downed tress, school closures and states of emergencies especially in Pasadena and parts of Glendale. There was even a fire caused by downed power lines in Eagle Rock.

I slept fretfully with the noise of blowing transformers in my head and I was awaken after 4 AM to blaring of a false fire alarm triggered by the repeated power outages and wind so I grabbed my coat and headed outside. A few residents and I dodged swirling leaves and branches in the cold and wind until our trusty firemen came to the rescue (God bless fire-fighters!). The firemen reset the alarm then they were on their way to a busy night of alarms, wind related emergency calls and fire-fighting while I followed the weatherman's advice and stayed safe at home.

Update: 11/7/11
I toured Griffith Park today and was amazed at the size of the fallen tress and many of the sturdier pine trees lost 4-5 feet off their tops. Some of my favorite trees were affected, too including the tall and majestic, "Purple Lady" and "Narls Barkly lost a limb. "Teacup", a stocky, short pine, was okay as was "V" and "Breakfast" as they are maples. I guess this will encourage me to finally head to the park and sketch and/or paint these lovely trees before anything else happens.

The power is still out in Pasadena over a week after the Santa Ana winds. Apparently the restoration of downed lines is going very very slowly and people report difficulties keeping and preparing food and staying warm at home without power as the temps drop into the 40s at night. People are saying that the power company for the area, Con Edison has been slow and unresponsive and many peoples are understandably upset. All this reminds me of Hurricane season at home and our "wonderful" power company so I'm all prepared with flashlights, radio, batteries, stored water, food etc.

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