Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

54th Annual Grammy Awards

In Memorium:
All heads were bowed in the house as rapper-turned actor, LL Cool J said a strong prayer and Jeniffer Hudson sang a tearful rendition of "I Will Always Love You" to Whitney. Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and many other stars expressed how much Whitney Houston meant to them and how much she will be missed. The Grammys had special remembrance for passing of the great, Etta James and Don Cornelius, too.

The Grammys' Big Winners:
Full-figured, 50s coiffed British soulful singer, Adele was the biggest winner, garnering 6 awards and matching Whitney Houston's total Grammy wins in one swoop. Also, the high notes Adele hit during her singing performance of her hit “Rolling In The Deep” showed her vocal cord surgery was a success. Other winners were the The Foo Fighters who garned 4 and there was also redemption for Chris Brown who won 1 award and had a great performance.

Grammys Oldies But Goodies:
The "old guard" was honored as Adam Levine of Maroon 5 teamed up with the Beach Boys to sing their greatest hits. Blake Sheldon and other country singers partnered with Glen Campbell for a sing-along of his greatest hists. And Tony Bennett, who is as smooth as ever in his 80s, won 2 Grammys for his Duets CD which featured Amy Winehouse, ironically. Bennet's near 5 decades of success prove that age is no barrier to making great music.

Grammy Fashion:
The red carpet interviews were somber and Grammy fashions were very subdued, rightfully so under the circumstances. I liked what Jeniffer Hudson wore but I couldn't figure out Lady Gaga's netting outfit (as usual) Otherwise, there were no major hits or misses.

Grammy Performances:
An island product, Niki Minaj can't sing that well and she tries way too hard to be controversial. Shoot, she's even making some of Madonna's unholy performances look good in comparison. Minaj needs Jesus in a big way and I'm about to suggest her for the Hollywood Prayer Network prayer list. HPN is a group that prays for Hollywood stars and entertainers such as Brittany Spears and Justin Bieber.

Rihanna, another islander, can sing, dance and perform but she needs to leave some of "that" for the bedroom. Katy Perry's performance was interesting but it seemed very cold and angry (post-divorce gripes?). Perry needs to remember that she knows Jesus and to show it and I know her parents are praying very hard for her on that front.

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