Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lent And The Oscars

I had been surprisingly uninterested in this year's Academy of Arts and Sciences Oscar Award race often times turning the channel as they interview nominees or talk about the contentious race for the award. This is especially uncharacteristic of me as I love movies and I love the Oscars.

Plus, this year has 2 black women nominated for best acting and best supporting actress (Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer respectively of the movie, The Help), which should have put me in Oscar viewership heaven. But I was still all ho-hum about it. I didn't even go to the Animated Feature Film Symposium at the Sam Goldwyn Oscar Building as I always do and it was being hosted by Pat Oswald(my fav)!

I didn't understand the wave of this ambiguous malaise feeling until the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit as I rode past the Oscars red carpet set up at night on my way to church on Ash Wednesday. I resisted the feeling for the rest of the week but the feeling increased as I woke up this morning and got ready for church. Then it hit HARD! Give up all things Oscars for Lent and fast from certain entertainment and TV...

I asked myself, "was my love for this industry, which at its zenith is primarily represented by the Oscars, getting in the way of God? My immediate answer was a resounding "no!" but I thought of my past Oscars and red carpet exploits and considered the Holy Spirit's nudge. I prayed on this for a while and He confirmed it... *big inhale* So now I am doing a total Oscar and Media block-out which is tough in H-wood but I'm doing it. Whew! *big exhale*

2/26/12 I started out on this former Oscar Sunday to my church on Hollywood Blvd. past throngs of people heading through police blockades to wait at the Oscar red carpet-lol. God has an amazing sense of humor!

I kept on track and had a wonderful day at church where our Messianic Jewish pastor-in-residence, Scott Nassau, talked about the woman with the issue of blood, about how unclean she was in the Jewish tradition and how Jesus imparts His divine purity to clean us.

I thanked Scott for infusing the message with many translations and references to the Hebrew text and traditions. We talked about fibroids, a common cause of prolonged bleeding which I myself overcame through God's grace, prayer, good doctors and a few medical procedures. Then I told Scott my hilarious anecdotes about hospital work, lice and other unclean things. Thank you, God for cleansing us!

I talked with friends after church then we all drifted out at about 1:30 pm to go about our respective day. Funny, not one of this congregation of Ecclesians, from the pastors, deacons, prayer team to the members (many actors, writers and producers themselves), I repeat, not one mentioned the Oscars which was just about 3 blocks and 3 hours away. So I walked from church confident that my Oscar fast was correct and with a love abounding for Ecclesia.

So I smiled and praise the Lord as I walked by many tourists and little girls in toy tiaras plus 20-somethings fashionistas hoping for their big Hollywood moment. I also walked past a 6'4" guy in a mini skirt and tank top and high stacked Lucite heels and his friend, a black male version of the infamous cat woman of plastic surgery due to an over aggressive check implant and tight eye job and a long blond weave.

Despite those obvious distractions and the steady flow of people heading towards the Oscars' red carpet, I was all smiles and my mind serene as I prayed and marshaled my thoughts in the opposite direction of the Oscars and walked away in the opposite direction, too.

Update: 3/4/12
It's 1 week later and I only have flashes of info about the Oscar results. I saw a headline on AOL while checking my e-mail indicating Meryl Streep may have won again after umpteen nominations and 1 or 2 previous wins. Meryl is a fav so I'm happy for her and Viola Davis is bound to win soon with all that acting talent she possesses.

A recent Google search for a new documentary premiering at the Berlin Film Festival revealed a funny story about Octavia Spencer and that she'd won her category, which was a no-brainer.

I think The Artist may have won for best movie and that suave, dapper and dancing French actor may have beaten out favs like Clooney and Pitt for best actor, too because I think I would have heard about those "hot" and "in" celebrity dudes and any of their Oscar wins by now. Or would I?

I have been hearing a lot about the split in Angelina Jolie's dress though (whatever that means). And I caught a brief glimpse of a magazine's cover at a convenience store check-out with photos of their Oscars 2012 fashion spread with "full figured nominees" Melissa McCarthy(forever known as Suki)and Octavia Spencer. I thought both made great choices but that Spencer's gown looked especially lovely.

Stay tuned to see how long I can make it through this Lenten Season without knowing the final Oscar results.

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