Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Avengers Are Box Office Champs!

After 2 weeks of international release, The Avengers movie was released in the US( finally) to record earnings of 200 million for the opening day numbers! This number smashes ("Hulk SMASH!") the previous numbers set by the last installment of the Harry Potter films. Boy, the trailer looks sweet and the tension between the team looks good with convincing dialog. I still don't like the way the Hulk is done but it is better than the previous two.

I have only seen the first Iron Man (unimaginable as a fan of comic book heroes) so I'm off to rent Captain America and Iron Man 2, I may or may not watch Thor then I can watch the Avengers and be a part of this history making Box Office Hit!

Super Heores Rock!
Talk about just in time - it was FREE Comic Book Day at the Glendale Public Library last Saturday and I got 2 FREE comics! I couldn't decide between the DC Superheroes cover with Superman, Wonder Woman and the Dark Knight or the Marvel Comic Superhero cover with The Avengers (Iron Man, Captain Amarica, Thor etc.) plus Wolverine and Spidey ( see above). The Library even had a Superman comic drawn and written for those 6 and under and a Mousegaurd book (yipee)!

The Free Comic Book Day is a project of DC and Marvel Comics in conjunction with local comic book stores to promote reading among children. The comics for the Glendale Public Library are provided by Legacy Comics located at 123 W. Wilson Avenue in Glendale. Give them a call at 818-247-8803

Update: May 8th
Saw glimpses of the trailer for the new Spider-Man remake today during the finale of The Voice. Spidey's trailer looks tight so far especially the web-swinging part... Wait! Is that Iggie as the villian played by my fav Welshman, Rhys Ifans? I think so. Wait... are there any Americans in Spiderman? There's none in the new Superman remake either I heard. Yikes!

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  1. Oops! It's Lizzie The Lizard. Iggie is the Iguana mascot for a beachside club-lol.