Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Back To The Future Fundraiser

The Kenya Team 2012 (KT12) at Ecclesia Church is throwing a Back To The Future Fundraiser next Sunday, June 10th at 6 pm for all the Sci-Fi loving comedy geeks like you and me. The KT12 team will be showing the first film of the BTTF franchise on the church's large movie screen and there will be a BTTF costume contest with prizes, too. There will also be food and snacks for sale at the concession. Best yet, an actual DeLorean car will be on display at the event! It's not the one from the film but I'm beyond stoked. The BTTF event is FREE but generous donations are welcomed so give 'til it hurts (in a good way :D ). Remember, this BTTF event is how the KT12 Team is kicking off it's fundraising for their July trip to the Kiberia slums in Kenya.

Ecclesia Church and the KT12 Team has a heart for God's people in Africa but it takes money to cover the cost for each Kenyas Team member's trip including the cost for their flight, room and board, ground transportation etc. Not to mention the large cost of the arts, craft, medical, food and Christian teaching supplies for the children in their programs. Each KT12 member is responsible for raising $3,500 for the trip and last year's fund-faising ranged from a musical concert for Kenya with bands affiliated with Ecclesia to indiviuals passing around donation sheets at their jobs.

Kiberia is among the largest slums in Africa and the children are in great need there. So come on out in BTTF gear as McFly, Doc Brown or even as the tower clock (lol)! Or dress in any 50s or 80s Rock-n-Roll costume and come have "a ton of fun" as we raise "a ton of cash" for Kenya !

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