Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Best Documentaries of 2012

IMHO Movie Reviews:

Side by Side

I saw the documentary, Side by Side at the NoHo Laemmle Theaters in August and I can't stop raving about it!

Side by Side is all about digital v.s. film or how more and more movies are being made digitally as the celluloid filmmaking process (cameras included) fades away. This film is directed by Chris Kenneally who I think did a marvelous job with the subject matter. Also, well done was the way actor, Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, Speed, The Gift, Thumbsucker) did double-duty as the on-screen interviewer and narrator for the film. Reeves also co-produced the film through his production company with fellow producer, Justin Szlasa

Watching Side by Side was very educational for me. In fact, it almost felt like Film School 101 because I got such amazing insights from the greats of filmmaking such as Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, David Lynch, Chris Nolan etc. on where they stood on digital versus celluloid filmmaking. A film like this could have become too technical and unengaging in the wrong hands but the subject was so well presented that nothing went over my head.

Side by Side is full of fun and humor, too as are the film's director and producers, which I found out at the Q&A following the screening. Kenneally and Reeves recounted how Reeves came up with the idea for the documentary and then they jokingly shared amusing anecdotes on how they got all the cinematic legends in the doc to agree to the interviews. Kenneally and Reeves even called upon the film's cinematographer, Chris Cassidy to answer a few questions about cinematography for the film.

IMHO: Side by Side is a  "must see" if you love movies and the film industry so don't miss it! It's both fun and informative and it'll kept you interested the entire time.

**Kudos to Tribeca Films for getting the distribution rights for SBS in the U.S. SBS is currently available on VOD but I hope it is released more widely in theaters in the US and abroad because I think they may have a chance of an Oscar nomination with this doc- it's that good!.

(see more of my comments as blessedinLA )

                               The Side by Side team  (Cassidy, Szlasa, Kenneally, Revees)
Update: 10/1/12
I've suggested Side by Side for the "must see" list for the film discussion group at my church so we'll see  : )  

Update:  10-20-12
Side by Side was screened for the Academy of Arts and Sciences on Oct 7th 2012. Could an Oscar nomination be in the works? I hope so!

UPDATE: 10-24-12

Live in or around NYC? Side by Side screens for FREE at Tribeca Cinema for the Future of Film
Symposium with a post-film discussion panel planned - don't miss it! Best doc of the year for me and
a "must see" if you're a film buff!

See the full list of Side by Side's upcoming screenings in the U.S. and internationally

You can also watch Side by Side on Video On Demand (VOD) $5.99 for a 3-day rental

I still hope Company Films & Tribeca bring Side by Side back to L.A. theaters soon so more industry folk can see it on a large screen here as SBS has finished it's run in the L.A. area.

Update: 11/8/12   Side by Side is coming back to LA!
The Hollywood Post Alliance hosts a screening of Side By Side followed by a Q&A with the director and producers at Arclight Theater on 11/19. A small reception will follow. Get tickets at

More IMHO Reviews to come:
I hope to see a few other documentaries this year especially Searching for Sugar Man which I've heard the most about. I'll also post more of my IMHO reviews starting with the new Indie film, Sironia which was directed by Brandon Dickerson, the former lead Pastor of Ecclesia Church.

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