Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, September 13, 2010

It's My Birthday Today!

Happy Birthday To Me:
Calls, e-mails, cards and gifts are already pouring in (keep them coming-lol)and I'm about to blow out the candles on my lemon bundt cake with drizzled icing (yum). Don't ask me how old I am either... or how much I weigh for that matter. Remember, in Hollywood, you can't be too young or too thin. Seriously though, 21 feels great. ;)

On the industry side of things:
Heading to see the Academy of Arts and Sciences (i.e. the Oscars) presentation of The Maltese Falcon tonight at the Samuel Goldwyn Building for its Film Noir series. A panel of present day film noir screenwriters or cinephiles will be on the panel discussion before the movie. I love me some Humphrey Bogart, John Huston and Peter Lorre so I thought it would be a perfect birthday/industry gift to myself. Yesterday, I filmed the exterior of the historic building at Hollywood and Cahuenga where the scenes from The Maltese Falcon was shot so I am very much hyped already. I'll keep you posted on how the showing and panel goes.

Wishing all the other September(Virgo) babies out there a "Happy Birthday" and a big "God Bless"!

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