Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, November 8, 2010

AFI Fest 2010

I made it to the AFI Fest on Friday 11/5 for their L.A. Times Young Hollywood Roundtablepanel at the historic Egyptian Theater. The panel included young up and coming actors Carey Mulligan (An Education), Jesse Eisenberg (Holy Rollers, Zombie Land)and Andrew Garfield (The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus)who were interviewed by an L.A. Times entertainment writer. I was a bit late getting there and I took one of the last remaining seats on the lower level as the night quickly got started. As they introduced the panel, the panel quickly entered from the left of the screen and brushed right passed me as they walk onto a small elevated platform and took their seats.

There was many problems with the audio-visuals (causing the panel and audience to laugh many times) but I enjoyed the panelists POV. There was also some star vehicle and content over-lap as Mulligan and Garfield worked together on Never Let Me Go and Eisenberg and Garfield are now starring together in the David Fincher film, The Social Network but it made for a more interesting panel. The panel was asked many questions including: how they got into acting, how was their experience working with various actors and directors, and their acting methods as well as how they researched a role. They were also asked how Oscar buzz is affecting their careers and how their experience in Hollywood compares to home in New York City or across the pond (England).

Mulligan and Garfield (the 2 Brits), admitted to being painfully shy in front of the camera and confused about the Hollywood process of budding stardom. Garfield seemed especially and self-deprecatingly so which is understandable since he is Peter Parker in the new Spider Man reboot which starts principal photography next month. No shyness for Jersey boy, Eisenberg, as he zinged off one liners and worked the crowd. Eisenberg started acting earlier than the other two and is American so I think he has adapted to the process easier. He referenced advice from his father a couple times as well so I can tell that his family is very supportive.

The stars walked the red carpet and posed for photographers after the panel, too and I was right there next to the photographers and interviewers including crews from Extra and E! network. Then I headed to the AFI lounge at the Roosevelt Hotel until The King's Speech was over for more of the same. There, I ran into actress Edie McClurg(Ferris Bullers Day Off) and got pics of her walking AFI's faux red carpet in the Roosevelt's lobby. I've loved, loved, loved McClurg for over 20 years and it was no surprise to me that we finally met. Speaking of another "not surprising co-incidence", I ran into one of the few remaining costumed street performers since the big crack down this summer. Who was it? Good ole Spidey! Again, I had a great time all for free!
God is great!!!!!

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