Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halle Berry At AFI Fest

I headed to the Graumann's Chinese Theatre on Tues November 9th to hear Halle Berry On Acting at AFI Fest. I arrived at the last minute and still got the best seats in the house. In fact, I was so close that I was where the official photographers sat...again (see video clip below). Halle was stunning in a black form fitting dress to the delight of all the men drooling in the front row (see pic). She seemed real down to earth and expressed surprised that the theater was actually filled to capacity just to hear from her.

The evening quickly got on the way and we got to hear Halle's thoughts on acting, winning the Oscar and her various and often, as she puts it, “tragic” movie roles. We saw many clips from her movies including her current turn as a strip club dancer with multiple personalities in Frankie and Alice, which is actually based on a true story. Sadly, Halle expressed that it is still hard for her to get roles as a black woman in Hollywood. She denied rumors that she had lots of movies in the works and lamented that things were still a struggle for her even after her Oscar win.

So it is no surprise then that Halle is now a strong proponent of producing her own film projects and making her own opportunities which she did by producing and developing Frankie and Alice. Her producing experience began when she brought Introducing Dorothy Dandrige to HBO as a TV movie over 10 years ago. She talked about the eerie similarities between Dandrige and herself (born in the same hospital, same birthday etc). Dandridge was also the first black woman nominated in the best lead actress category and Halle was the first to win same. I prayed a bit when she said that she and the crew for the Dandridge movie felt that Dandrige's spirit visited the set but it seemed to not bother Ms. Berry as she stated that it encouraged her and the movie cast and crew to complete the project.

After the talk, they turned the stage lights down and Ms. Berry sprinted off the stage as security surrounded her and blocked off any easy access to her. I had no need to fear as a gap opened right up in front of me allowing me to step up right next to her. She is a very petite woman, only about 5' 4” even in 4-5 inch heels and maybe a size 0 in her black designer dress. Her hair and make-up were also flawless but looked natural at the same time.

The fans were calling her name quite loud, pushing and begging her for autographs or for pictures, as light bulbs flashed all around us. Even though I was in this wild fray, I spoke to her very gently and referred to her only as “Ms. Berry” at all times. Security let me step closer and I shook her hand (“for my sister”) and she gripped mine back softly and moved closer to me as we talked like old friends for a bit. This happens to me a lot and I think that people most likely get mesmerized by my accent. It also may have helped that she has a sister, too (lol).

I loved the black Elie Saab dress Halle wore and, fashionista that I am, I was eyeing the beautiful jeweled bracelet that she was wearing with it. I love sparkly and shiny things and I was dressed in everything gold and shiny from my closet as well as my faux fur. Seeing Halle dressed so well made me very happy that I had made the effort to dress up also. It also almost made the pain from my beautiful but pinchy shoes go away(lol). I was elated but I headed home right after as the weather outside was decidedly Arctic. God is indeed amazing!!!!

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