Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, April 30, 2010

God Opens Doors!

As part of our Prosperity Monday prayer series at church, we declared that God opens the doors to the dream jobs and opportunities and then to our prosperity. We placed or dreams or business plans in gilded long canisters and held then up to the Lord as we walked through a large door installed on the altar. The pastors prayed for us as they anointed our heads to have the mind of Christ as we work and our projects were anointed also.

I walked through the open doors with the 11th draft of my new script titled, The Guild. I had had a bit of writer's block since January but that immediately lifted as I received my anointing and walked through the door claiming my victory- a sale of my script for a million dollars plus!

My computer crashed! I got it back up but now I can't use my scriptwriting software but I am not deterred at all. I just went old school and have been writing all the revisions down on paper. To tell you the truth, even in this high tech world, a pad of paper and a pen is still the most comfortable way for me to sort out plot points and dialog as I write.

And I'm not alone, I've met a few established writers here in Hollywood who write this way, too. Both Mark Ferguson (Children of Men, Iron Man) and Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, have both admitted this to me during separate panel discussions held by the Scriptwriters Network. You could tell that both men felt a bit self-conscious confessing this, but no one can argue with the results (both men have written and sold scripts for $1 million plus)! See, I'm in good company(lol)!

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