Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Thanks to the global warming scare, going green has become a national craze. From President Obama's new green initiatives and Mrs. Obama planting an organic garden behind the White House, to first graders admonishing their parents to recycle, 'going green" is here to stay. It is also the cause celeb here in Hollywood. Big name stars like, Leonardo DiCaprio, are well known for their environmental activism and some have even been involved with the pro-environment movement by narrating documentary films. A documentary about the environmental plague of drinking water bottles is even making the rounds and it's getting great word of mouth.

All this Green talk is encouraging but talk is cheap, Hollywood! Los Angeles has the worst recycling percentages of any county that I've ever lived in. Here you see tons of plastic water bottles distributed at any of these red carpet or after party events and in an attempt to look fashionable, many of the starlets wear an item once then feel obligated to toss it.

Many actors smoke(a gross and dangerous habit,) which pollutes the air and adds to greenhouse gases and global warming. They also use tons of gas and jet fuel as they drive around in gas guzzling sports cars and travel constantly for film shoots. I know it would be a stretch to ask actors to take public transportation but at least they should buy a bike and ride it occasionally. Or better yet, buy a hybrid luxury car.

Also, most of the stars homes in Hollywood Hills have large lawns which require gallons of water to maintain in drought plagued southern California. Worse is that many do not recycle any of their household waste at all while I recycle almost everything! I even bought those spiral lights and use them even though their light is not as bright. I use public transportation (as bad as it is in L.A.) or car pool and I even recycle clothing by donating gently used items to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

My apartment complex is celebrating Earth Day by having us plant a tree for the environment. Well not a tree exactly but a small flowering plant. We had our choice of a pre-potted plant (Geranium or Impatiens) or to grow a plant from scratch with potting soil and wild flower seeds. The wildflower seeds were innovatively embedded in dissolvable paper discs in the shape of a flower and another shaped like a flower pot. I thought this was cute so I decided to try to grow the seeds. They had a big box of potting soil and a trowel and various pots so I got started. I liked the feel of the soil on my hands and I felt I was one with nature... until I remembered that I have no success when I try to grow things from seeds. I decided to take a small potted Impatient just in case(lol).

God's View on 'Earth Day':
Christians get a bad rap about going green as many do not believe Nobel Peace Prize winner and wanna be scientist Al Gore and the global warming data (which has proven to be sketchy). Personally, I choose to believe God's word. God has made us stewards of this earth and we must strive to be good stewards and that includes recycling. The Bible also states that no matter what else happens, "there will always be summer and winter" and "seed time and harvest". Our Lord (the Lord of the Harvest) often talked about the spiritual harvest fields being white(ripe) for the harvesting but the laborers are few. I'll think of this as I plant my wild flower seeds and watch them grow.

Update: Here are ways that Hollywood stars can help the environment.

1)Donate to Clothes Off Their Backs
Clothes off Their Backs is a non-profit founded by Bradley Whitford (The West Wing)and by Malcolm in the Middle's, Jan Kaczmarek. It gives stars a place to donate their red carpet duds and swag which are auctioned off to help raises funds for children issues.

2)Use The Subway:
I heard that a certain actor was spotted on a NYC subway proving that actors can use public transportation (at least in New York).

And of course


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