Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Star Sightings: My Graham Beckel Encounter

I was leaving the Goldwyn building after the Acting in the Digital Age panel and I deliberated a bit on where to cross before crossing the street. I finally cross and as I did a big burly guy (40-50's)walks by talking to a 20 something woman. I looked up and recognized the face of the guy and I do a double take. I jab my finger at his chest and yell "Hey, I know you!" The guy stops semi-embarassed and semi-flattered I guess but obviously used to it.

"From where?", he asks gently.

"From the movies!", I yell. I practically man-handle him and grab his supple leather cloaked sleeve. I ramble on with my hands shaking.

"I just love your acting! You are the best!"

"Really?", he counters.

"Yes! I loved you as Duffy (Irish American pub owner and mobster collecting gambling debts from ) in Hard Balls, in L.A. Confidential as the crooked cop) and in Brokeback Mountain (the domineering dad of ... and father-in-law to Jake Glyenhaal's character)..." (As you can see Graham loves to play the heavy in films and he does it well).

I told him, "even the TV commercials you do you elevate to the best... like that car commercial when you thump the guy in his arm". I pretend to thump him in his right biceps and he smiles. Seriously, Graham is so good in commercials that he did that army commercial that increased recruitment despite the war in Iraq.

His companion agrees with me about how wonderful an actor he is.

"Why, thank you so much", he answers demurely and nods.

"I can't remember your name but you are the best", I say.

'My name is Graham and yours?"

I give my name and he asks if I enjoyed the panel. I said I did then I whoop and dance around- "I can't believe this, I yell! I can't believe I met you just by crossing the street! Only in LA!I've admired your work for years." "Look my hands, they're shaking," I say and I show my quivering hands to him.

He takes pity on how affected I am and all my compliments and he hugs me in a gruff bear hug and says, "thank you, you're so kind". I say, "I was just thinking about you last night on the treadmill when I saw the car commercial". I also say, "God bless you and I am praying for you". I get another big hug.

I pat his shoulder and say, "I know that you will get a big juicy role that wins awards and maybe one day I will write a nice role for you". He smiles at this and we wave good bye and I walk the next block or so in a fog of exhilaration then I remember that I have already written the perfect role for Graham as Thaddeus in The Guild! I want to turn back and find him but he is long gone. Despite the decidedly unCalifornia weather(temperature in the 40's), the lateness of the hour and the length of my commute, I smile all the way home.

Here's a link to Graham's website with all his film reels and stage, TV and screen credits--
He also offers an exclusive acting class which puts on a quarterly play. If I was an actor I would definitely sign up. I can only imagine the amazing acting techniques I could learn from someone at his level.

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