Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bill And Ted Q&A With Alex Winter

I had a blast at the Bill and Ted Double Feature at the New Beverly Cinema on Sunday August 26. They showed both Bill And Ted Excellent Adventure and Bill And Ted Bogus Journey starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Winter himself was there and he introduced and discussed the two films at a Q&A during each intermission. The theater was packed and I was lucky to get a seat when I did. The crowd ranged from a few kids with their parents, young adults and hippies in their 50's. Winter said that Reeves was filming on the east coast so couldn't attend to the disappointment of the crowd. Winter talked about the fun they all had making the films (seems they had some “help” having fun) and he tried to discount rumors of a Bill & Ted 3. The audience were clamouring for another sequel so I don't think many believed him.

I got to meet Winter after the first film and shared with him my fantasy pick for casting for Bill & Ted 3 (if they ever really do it). Funny but he actually agreed with my choices so I guess he's heard it all before. I also asked for news on the Ben 10 live action feature which Winter said is a go for 2011.

I did attempt to video tape the Q&A but my audio was out and all my pics of Winter are too dark (I so need a flash). Don't fear though as there's still a chance to hear Winters for yourself. Both Winter and the film's writer will be at a second showing and Q & A tomorrow night. Go to to get tickets. Also follow Alex Winter on Twitter or at

Update: 9/20/10
Check out this video of Reeves addressing a possible Bill & Ted sequel at the Toronto Film Festival last week

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