Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Summer 2010 Movie Reviews

Summer Movie Review (well sort of):

This has been a very lackluster summer for movies so I have not been overly motivated to go and see anything but animated films (go Toy Story 3!). Even though movie theater ticket sales are about the same on average as last years, recent surveys have shown that the down economy is driving the choices of movie goers nationwide. Personally, if I don't feel a movie is on target I won't go and see it at the theater for $12-14 but will catch it on DVD instead for as low as $1-2(thanks Redbox!). I do get free screening tickets to 3-4 movies a month and I am finding more opportunities to do so but I try to be budget conscious as well.

Releases: Friday August 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim VS The World:
I did get free tickets from Cine Movie for a screening of Scott Pilgrim in Montebello but couldn't attend due to a prior engagement. SP is an adaptation from a comic series about a 20 something video gamer who battles his new girlfriends exes all with super hero powers. SP came out of Comic Con with lots of buzz and should do very well with fanboys and males in the 18-29 demographics.

Eat, Pray, Love:
This adaptation of the Elizabeth Gilbert's best selling book by the same title is a true story about the 40 something divorced author who leaves her successful life behind in search of something more fulfilling in Italy, India and Bali. EPL stars Julia Roberts (she of the big smile) and is expected to pull in women of all ages. It has also spurred an online war of sorts between EPL chick flick fans and Expendables testosterone fueled male action fans over who will win the weekend box office. Its funny that both films have a Roberts sib in the cast(Eric Roberts for the Expendables and Julia for EPL as mentioned)so its really a sibling rivalry of sorts or a "battle of the Roberts" (lol).

I'm certainly not feeling EPL so I probably will skip it as I did the book. It would have helped if the "pray" in the title was Judeo-Christian based prayer but I guess traditional Christian faith doesn't sell books or movies now adays. I guess I'll just have to "eat, pray, love" at home this weekend.

Older Releases:
I'm not picking on EPL though as I also plan to skip The Other Guys and Step It Up 3D (which I could see for free tickets). Both films were released on 8/6 and The Other guys is trending better than expected.

Upcoming Releases:
8/20 movie releases will include Piranah 3D (yuck), The Switch (yet another rom-com with Jeniffer Aniston and Justin Bateman), Nannie McPhee Returns (Emma Thompson) and Lottery Ticket(with Bow Wow). I have free ticket options to see all of these movies but none are grabbing me just yet. I'm so over terrible rom-coms (though I like Justin Bateman) and I'm definitely over 3D movies of any kind. I also didn't think there was much of an interest for a Nanny McPhee sequel here in the U.S. but apparently it made good money in Europe and Asia so there you have it. Lottery Ticket is looking like a younger Barber Shop only with a lottery ticket theme. I may hold out for The Takers with Edris Elba whom I just love. It also stars a slew of rap and musical artists (T.I., Chris Brown)in their first turn as actors in a feature film so it might be a risky choice.

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