Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Expendables Movie Premiere

Expendables Hollywood Movie Premiere: Tuesday August 3, 2010
I hung out with a fun crowd at the Expendables Hollywood movie premiere yesterday in front of the Coffee Bean coffee shop on Hollywood Blvd. The actual premiere was at the Grauman's Chinese Theater across the street. My hanging buddies, Rory and Su, are from London and Rory is a former business partner of Sir Richard Bronson of Virgin Atlantic fame. Boy, Rory and I got along like gang busters! We discussed Necker island, the island Branson owns in the British Virgin Islands and where Rory has visited many times. Rory flashed me a cheeky smile as he recalls Branson in the early days("he didn't always have it like it is now"). We discussed hot air ballooning as well as the tragic death of millionaire, Steve Fossett in 2007. We also had many spirited discussions about the overly aggressive event security guy (who I nicknamed "little Mussolini”) and his "crowd control" antics.

Back To The Main Event:
In between the conversation, the stars of The Expendables would trot across the street to greet us cheering fans. First, Stone Cold Steve Austin came over then the movies's writer, director and '80's actor Silvester Stallone appears in a beautiful gray Italian suit to cheers of "hey, Rocky"! Then an excited Terry Crews flexes his muscles accompanied by his wife followed by Mikey Rourke and last but not least was Bruce Willis looking quite nice, I must say. We missed seeing Dolph Lungren who entered earlier and both Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger(the Governator) were no shows.

Su's Amazing Photos:
Rory, who is Irish and Greek is a burly guy with a square solidness to him and he would launch Su's petite frame in the air then grab her by the legs so that she could get a good shot. She took the best pics and I will post them as soon as she sends them to me. I e-mailed them like 3 times already saying that I can't wait for their pictures! The pics really look like those a professional Hollywood photog would shoot from the red carpet! I had a long discussion with them boasting that I don't need photos for my blog as words tell the story but I think I'm going to try to get the same Sony camera as Su has and hope my pics come out that good. I will post Su's pics on my blog in the reserve spaces as soon as she sends them. I also promised I would mention Rory and Su in my blog but only the good things... I promise;)

I swung back around Man's Chinese as the movie ended and saw Mickey et al exiting and to no one's surprise "little Mussolini" was still yelling at people and bossing them around(lol).

Check out that pic of Rory I found on the internet. Yep, he and Branson are preparing to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Expendable Movie Review:Expendables opened last weekend to fair reviews. I haven't seen the movie yet but this old school actioner starring a cornu-copia of action stars from the '80's and '90's and is bound to do well. Opening box office numbers of $32 million have been reported for the weekend.

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