Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Apartment Hunt

Day 3: Wed 8/1/07
As I really over did it yesterday, today I'm out for the count. I heat hot water for my hot water bottle and alternate it with ice packs and I stick to the bed for most of the morning. By afternoon I am finally able to get up and call a few apartment complexes and I make arrangements to visit a few of them the next day. One thing I know for sure is that any apartment that I get must have a jacuzzi for my back. I order pizza from the best pizza place ever and I call to tell the front desk that the TV in my room is not working.

Day 4: Thurs 8/2/07
I am feeling better today so I printed my list and go apartment hunting. I had e-mailed and called a few places that look promising and wanted to see them in person. I called a cab and told the driver that I have a lot to do today. He smiled(he probably saw $$$) and we sped off. The cabbie is a Russian and he tells me beautiful stories of the old country (I always wanted to say that)... before too long we're at the first stop.

The first apartment is off Sunset and I asked the driver to wait and keep the meter running as I won't be long. The meter already says $8... this will have to be quick. The apartment building looks nice from outside and it's close to a grocery store, which is a big plus. I buzz the apartment manager and she comes to let me in. I told her we have to make it quick and she agrees. The manager is Armenian or Ukrainian and she is very accommodating but seems way over worked. The quick tour: the lobby looks good if a bit small. The apartment is on the first floor(another must) and it is also a bit small but nice and the view is a courtyard and pool view which is good and relaxing. The pool is small though and only 1 jacuzzi.

We return to the lobby and I fill out my application but they don't take out of town checks. I get a money order from the grocery store across the street and hustle back. The manager tells me that all the paperwork is in and she'll call to let me know if I'm approved. As she walks me to the door, tenants come and go. They all seem so nice and normal, a few even wearing business suits. I breathe a sigh of relief until I pass some tenants who are dressed like porn stars. From the way the apartment manager blushed and gently steers me to the door, I believed my suspicions are correct. I'm not judging these ladies but it's pretty jarring to the senses to see anyone with that much make-up on and with hair bleached that severely (not to mention the 6 inch clear stripper heels, long acrylic nails and size triple D breast) all before noon. As I exit the building I reconsider the surroundings, as the area north to the Hollywood Hills was beautiful but that corner of Sunset looks like it can get a bit scuzzy. I hop quickly into the waiting cab... the meter is saying $15.

The second, a place in Los Feliz , a beautiful area and consistent with my dream. I hop out... the meter says $25. Again the quick tour: The manager, an Asian lady, took me around. The carpeting seemed damp in area and I can smell mold and the elevator looks iffy. The pool is small and again only 1 jacuzzi. I put in application as well... she will call me. Back to cab ... the meter says $30. I return to hotel and the total fare is $40.80 paid $45 including tip. The driver gives me his card and personal number so I can call him anytime (yeah, right). I really have to get a car or learn the bus system here... cabs are too expensive.

I rest for a bit then I head back out to do some grocery shopping at a market on the corner. It's dark when I return to the hotel and a black guy is at the check-in desk looking for a room to rent for the night. They tell him they are all booked and he grumbles a bit then leaves. Minutes later, a white couple enter and ask for a room and they are given the choice of 3 available rooms. Though I try to protest, the manager points to the sign mounted on the desk, a sign that I had noticed in other businesses this past week: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we choose. Are they for real? I am having serious doubts about if I made the right decision to relocate here. I convince myself that everything will be better when I get my own apartment. I climb the steps to my room and thankfully, the TV is working. I am bless to find over 7 different Christian stations on the cable with wonderful praise and worship. I am especially impressed by GodTV programming and pastor Arnold Murray's broadcast. Needless to say, I had a great evening of praise and worship and I slept like a baby.

Day 5: Fri 8/3/07
I haven't heard from any of the apartment people yet... I'll call them.

Day 6: Sat 8/4/07
Still no word from the apt places. I call and leave more messages on their voice mail but I'm getting concerned. I go to Hollywood and finally buy a new cell phone. I try to avoid all the dark or weird elements on the street including the scientology "recruiters. As the sun sets, I hear beautiful acapela harmonies of known gospel tunes. Wow... people are praising the Lord on Hollywood Blvd! I quickly follow the sounds and find a gospel group from a local church singing in front of the Kodak Theater. They are dressed conservatively with a turn of the century Amish edge. I listen for a while and clap and shout encouragement and Hallelujah! Soon they are finished and they pack up to go and give me an invite to their church.

It's dark now and I hurry back to the hotel but I pass a Church group from Florida with mostly black, Hispanic men who are recovered from drugs. They are praising the Lord mightily in song and they encourage all the passer-bys and drivers to honk and make a joyful noise. Soon the streets a alit with honking and singing. God be praised!What an amazing sight! Blow my mind, Lord... 2 in one day! I am introduced to the lady deacon from the church and I embrace her and encourage the men to continue. I wish I had traveled with some money to give them an offering but we prayed and encouraged each other. I skipped and sang the entire way back to the hotel.
God answers prayers and all is not lost in L.A. !

Day 7: Sun 8/5/07
I watch the Christian cable channels all day but it's not the same as fellowship with Christians in person. I not only need an apartment, I need a Church home but for now TV ministry will suffice. At 11 p.m. there is a loud altercation in the room next door to me (we share a common wall). Seems the guy wants the girl to do something for him that she seems unwilling to do. He yells "be nice to me!" and the noise and banging gets louder. I can't tell if she being physically abused or what. I haven't charged my cell so I grab the phone to dial 911 but can't seem to call out. The noise stops for a while then the fighting begins again. I leave my room quietly and run down to the lobby to ask them to call 911. The glass doors are closed but I can see the head of the desk attendant and I know that she can hear the commotion upstairs. I knock on the door but she ignores me. I walk outside hoping to get to a pay phone to call 911 or flag down a cop. I don't see either but I feel safer outside so I walk to the 24 hour CVS on the corner. They can't let me use their phone either so I stay there for an hour walking around the store and chatting up the staff. I finally return to hotel and all seems back to normal. As I walk by the desk attendant she smiles sheepishly... her doors are still locked. I'll have a word with her tomorrow.

Day 8 Mon 8/6/07
Still haven't heard from any of the apts yet and after last night, I need to get out of this crazy hotel. I called another apt and they say they have apts available... in Los Feliz..Yeah! I get in the cab with my Russian friend and we drive. I am struck by the beauty of this area again we pass the hills near Griffith Park and a beautiful fountain. We get there and the apt bld. looks good and it's in a good neighborhood. The apt looks nice too... it's on the first floor with no carpeting (no asthma and allergy triggers) and a patio. It also has a pool view and the complex has a large pool, Jacuzzis , a patio pool area with a BBQ grill and a gym. I love it... where do I sign? I can't move in till tomorrow so I head back to the hotel.... tomorrow's is another day.

Way past midnight, I hear arguing next door again. I quickly pray and grab the room phone and I try to dial 911 but again the same problem. I personally think the hotel has blocked all 911 calls. I grab my cell and dial 9-1- as I go to press the last 1 the noise stops and I hear someone slams the door and leave angrily. I look out of my door and a few other tenants are looking out also all with cell phones ready to call the police. The noise does not resume and the others go back to their rooms. I go down and see the front desk person who ignores me again. Tomorrow I move into my apartment and I am so-o-o out of here!

Day 9: Tue 8/9/07
I got up early determined to be out of this place. I complain to the front desk about all the noise and fighting... they said they have dealt with the problem. A guy and his production company are in the lobby also and he explains that the culprit is a young guy in his 20's who got an advance for a story that he wrote and spent all $50,000 in a few months on prostitutes, drugs and partying. Now he was out of cash and free loading off friends, not wanting to return to family in the midwest.

I can't be bothered with other peoples drama as I have to sign the paper work for my apartment. I make it back to the bank and then the apt complex and do all the final paper work and I'm in! They hand me the keys and I see I'm running late so I call the hotel and asked for a late check out. and I catch a cab.

I get back and drag my luggage downstairs so the driver can haul it to the waiting cab. While I was checking out a dark haired baby-faced guy about 5'6" walks by wearing a fedora. He winks at me flirtatiously and flashes a roll of bills and walks up to the front desk. The manager refuses to listen to him and shouts back "no, you will never stay here again after all you've done". I suddenly realize that he's the guy from next door. The guy looks a little embarassed then shrugs his shoulders and exits with a cocky strut... on his way out he blows me a kiss.

I print some bus schedules and maps then I hurriedly exit and hop into my cab and head back to my new apt. I move my luggage into the apt. and I do a victory dance. My own space! I make arrangements for phone, gas, electric services and I catch a cab to the nearest Target for an inflatable bed, dishes, furniture etc.. I got back at 10 pm. and missed the cut off time for pool/jacuzzi and my back is killing me. I eat doritos for dinner and sleep on the inflatable bed which is turned out to be quite comfortable and quick to set up.

Day 10: Wed 8/10/07
I woke up and headed straight for the jacuzzi and the pool. The Jacuzzis were locked but they unlocked then for me. I spend a leisurely day in the hot tubs and by the end of the day my back feels better.

Day 11: Thu 8/11/07

Off to Pier 1 for furniture... got a ridiculous sale on discontinued floor models with delivery in 5 days for only $75.

Day 12: Fri 8/12/07
I head out the backdoor to the pool and as I step out I feel something under my heel causing my my ankle to twist and my knee to buckle and throwing off the balance to my right (my weakest side). I look down... it's a HUMONGOUS ground lizard! I have had a fear of lizards since childhood but I had conquered this fear as an adult after being trapped in a small bathroom with a large leaping and hysterical lizard (which had me leap and get hysterical too-lol). Eventually, I had to calm down and realize the lizard was more afraid of me. This time I didn't freak out because God calmed me... I've been tested on this before. I jumped off the lizard and he runs into a hole in the wall that is directly outside of my bedroom wall(nice touch). I exhale and continue on my way slightly shaken but determine not to let the devil get to me. "Yeah, I think "that's where you belong... under my feet. Come back and you'll get more". I wash off my sandals (I will not throw them out) and got into the pool. This is the life!

Sat 8/13/07
I walk out the back door the same time of day along the same path to the pool in the same sandals! HALLELUYAH!

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