Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Biz and the Emmy Red Carpet

SEPT 2007
Now that I've adjusted to L.A. it's time to get down to the business of writing. I joined 2 writer's groups from and meet more writers on-line. I hear about seats available for the Emmy's and I
e-mail them asking for a seat. They have seats for both the Creative Emmy's as a seat-filler and red carpet and I got the last spots.

I attend the director's screening of 3:10 to Yuma at the Arclight Theaters. This was a great event as we were able to ask the director questions and speak with him one on one. Many film school students were in attendance as well as industry insiders.

I went to Hollywood Blvd. to see filming of the movie Hancock. They had a prop in the of the street that made the street look like if all the asphalt was broken up leaving a big hole. The FX guys rigged a car with skates and wire and made it spin out of control as they turned on giant sized fans to re-create a whirlwind effects. The movie extras including some Hooter girls ran screaming for several takes. I found a spot on top of the Kodak Theater as Will Smith came on set and replaced his stand in/stunt double. He was very good with the crowd and waved back and smiled for pictures. They asked for silence on the set and Will shot a few scenes then returned to his trailer. Charlize Theron was on set earlier but now only her stunt double is around. I'm not sure if I will go see this movie but it was nice to see it being made.


It has been six years since the September 11 terrorist attacks and the pain is finally decreasing. However, the L.A. news programs barely acknowledges it compared to the coverage in the east coast especially New York, New Jersey and the D.C. metro area. L.A. has the worst news anyway and the worst newscasters. It's all botox, faked breasts and tight low cut clothing and they constantly flub when they read the news. Plus, all they report about is entertainment news anyhow.

I got my ticket packet for the Emmy's but had to pull out from seat-filler because they require you to get up constantly which is not good with my physical problems.

Thurs 9/13
It's my first b-day in L.A.! I celebrate with banana creme filled ding-dongs and a walk to the park.

SAT 9/15
UCLA extension Writer's workshop

SUN 9/23 Emmy Red Carpet

I caught the bus to Emmy's at the Shrine Auditorium near USC. The downtown traffic is bad and diverted due to a movie filming on Grand Avenue. I switch to my connecting bus and it drops me on the USC campus. USC's campus is not as nice as UCLA's as it is a city campus but it was interesting to see. I finally reach to the assigned meeting spot near the USC Film School and I have to wait in a long line to be cleared to enter the venue. The sun is hot and we seek cover under the trees.

Many of the people attending won tickets in contests around the country and I learn that I was the only person who got tickets by e-mailing and just asing for them. In fact, they told me that if I had come just a few minutes later I would have missed the deadline for the advance security clearance which takes over 2 weeks. The on-site security check is finally completed and we get our entrance arm bracelets. We walk a block to the actual auditorium and walk to the bleachers. The crowd starts to buzz, as we see the red carpet and all the set up for the stars. They hand us gift bags filled with snacks, magazines, paper fans and t-shirts. They also hand out ice cream snickers and bottles of water.

The bleachers were high up and the stairs were challenging. There is also only port-a-johns available for us to use. I sat behind two ladies who are stationed with the military in Hawaii. One of them is from my sister island and both were very nice. They didn't even mind my ear-piercing scream especially as my screams caused all the stars to look our way, wave or to come over to us.

The Run down:
Who I saw:
The Grey's Anatomy crew

Who looked marvelous:
Staci London -What Not To Wear, America Ferrara -Ugly Betty, Eva Longoria Desperate Housewives and Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez -Grey's.

Who I wished I didn't see:
The Ellens. Pompeo looked extremely thin and I'm really not a fan of Degeneres.

Who I wished was there:
Isaiah Washington. Agree or disagree with him, he is a handsome and talented actor and he looks good in a tux.

All the stars walk the red carpet and get seated inside and then we are allowed to exit. The military ladies and myself were the last to leave and they allowed us to walk the red carpet and to take pictures on it just like the stars. God's favor is amazing!

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