Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Movie Premieres

November 2007
I got to attend the Lions to Lambs premiere at the Arclight Theater on November 4th, 2007. The tickets were on sale for $75 and I felt it was worth it to see some screen legends. The movie stars Robert Redford, Merryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Derek Luke and flashbulbs flashed as they walked the red carpet. It was a very nice affair and every one was dressed to impress. It was very nice to be an insider and I had a very good seat. They introduced the stars before the film and they all came on stage. Meryl Streep has a lovely way about her, Robert Redford looks very stately and Tom Cruise was very energetic (jumped on stage)... he is a very petite man and I think this has affected him.

The after party is at Social on Sunset Blvd. I hang out with Derek Luke's mom and brother but I don't see any of the other stars from the movie. The food is exceptional and they have an intimate dance floor and played good club music.

April 2008
I want to attend The Street Kings movie premiere scheduled for Thursday April 3rd at Graumann's Chinese Theater but I want to attend for free. The movie stars Oscar Award winner Keanu Reeves, Oscar-winner Forrest Whitaker, Cedric the Entertainer, Hugh Laurie(from the TV show House), Chris Evans and the rapper, Common. The movie looks a bit violent but I think I'll still enjoy it. I cold call Fox Searchlight studios for free premiere tickets and they refer me to Power 106 FM radio station in Burbank. I dropped by the station and was able to get 2 tickets and boy was I happy. There is an after-party also but I don't have any info on how to get those tickets. They recommend that you come before 5:00 p.m. to see the stars arrive and to get seated early. I don't know what the crowd will be like so I decide to be there early.

I went to Hollywood Blvd early for the movie premiere but there are tons of people there and more arriving every hour. I had a chair to sit in but but my back was still hurting terribly. I got concerned that I wouldn't get into the theater but not only did I get to see the red carpet arrivals of top stars, I got into the theater, and got the best seat in the house. I was seated in the group with the studio people behind Keanu Reeves. Even more amazing is that before the movie started he kept walking around about two feet from me.

After the premiere, I was leaving and I was just happy that I believed God and that I had had another real Hollywood insider moment. Then I met 2 female tourist and they asked me about the premiere and I answered them quite happily. As I was leaving they handed me an entry pass to the movie's after-party. These after-party tickets were impossible to get and I nearly had a Hallelujah moment! They said that I was so nice to them and as they were not dressed for the premiere that they would rather that I took it. I accepted the ticket and left them thinking "Lord, your angels are so-o-o nice!"

I walked the few blocks to the party which was at Elements night club in the "happening" part of L.A.'s club scene. I changed into my cute shoes and stepped out with confidence. As I walked up to the entrance, many people were outside being prevented from entering by the bouncers and to the surprise of many, with my pass, I walked right in. Inside was filled with many industry people munching on h'dourves. Unfortunately some of the young women there wore practically no clothing on were plastic looking. It was apparent that these women wanted to be "discovered" or to get with someone rich and famous from the movie industry... the poor dears.

The food was a bit pretentious but the music was good so I just walked around for a while enjoying being out on the town for the first time in months. I met Chris Evans and complimented him on his acting in the movie. He was so nice and down-to-earth and thanked me for my compliment. I went to the outside patio for fresh air but it was filled with tobacco smoke. After I caught my breath, I turned around and went back inside fearful that my asthma might kick up. I waited half an hour until the smoke cleared and went back to the patio. I had my inhaler but I resisted pulling it out of my bag. Miraculously, all the smoke had cleared and I was able to breathe easily.

The other actors were on the patio including .... Harris (from Pirates of the Caribbean). She is very thin and I didn't see her eat a thing the whole time. I walked around some more and just observed everything including the large crowd that swarmed around Mr. Reeves. During my wait in the line earlier, I had handed out my extra premiere tickets to a few people. One women, who claimed to be his biggest fan, was so happy to get a ticket that she hyper-ventilated and acted near hysterical. I immediately regretted giving her a ticket and I made her promise not get within 20 feet of the star. Now people were literally posturing themselves to be next to him, to take a picture, to touch him or talk to him. Don't worry though... he had two big body guards around him all night. He was very nice to these fans but he looked a bit uncomfortable with all the attention. Mostly he talked to friends and studio people.

I get ready to leave but a group of crazy paparazzi and autograph seekers are at the front. I have to push my way through them and I wait on the corner for my cab. Large black stretch limos pull up and catering trucks block my view and I don't see my cab when it comes. I had to call a cab two more times and wait outside for nearly another hour with the crazy paparazzi. The stars pull a fast one and send a decoy limo out front while they exit out a back entrance. I finally get in my cab and head to my sane, quiet and happy home. I'm very thankful that I experienced the premiere but I'm very glad that I'm not a star or a famous person.

Summer 2008

June 2008
I attended the Speed Racer premiere at the Nokia Theater in June. I didn't have a ticket but I went any way and asked people for extras. There were a lots of children there from schools and summer programs and I was able to get an extra ticket. While I was waiting to get in Joel Silver (producer for The Matrix) walks right up... seems I'm standing next to his former nanny's husband.

I get in and they are handing out every tooth-rotting treat possible. My seat is up on the top balcony level and my back hurts just thinking how I will get up there. I ask for them to change my seat and they put me in the lowest level to the left of the stage. The movie starts and the kids really enjoy it but I didn't enjoy it as much. The movie ends and the theater quickly empties out except for me and a small crowd to my right. I need a moment for sensation to return to my leg then they usher me out with the crowd. I realize the crowd is full of production people who worked on the movie. As we get out near the elevators, I realize the crowd includes the movie's directors, Andy and Larry Wachoski, famed writers/directors of The Matrix. Soon I am caught up in the crush of the crowd and pinned up next to Andy Wachoski's large frame (he must easily be 6'4" and 250 lbs.). I am unable to move but I am extremely happy as The Matrix is my all time favorite movie and I think these guys are geniuses

July 2008
I was curb-side for the Iron Man premiere and saw very one from Jack Black, Ben Stiller (co-stars Tropic Thunder), Vince Vaughn (6'6" pal of Jon Favreau), John Voight and Stan Lee (of Marvel Comics fame) as well as the stars from the movie: Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwenth Paltrow and the director, Jon Favreau (he's lost a lot of weight). They had 12 Audi sports car driving in laps around the block each with "iron man" license plates and the crowd was pumped. I can not wait to see this movie!

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