Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Doctor's

March 2008

Last week, after a grueling day in physical therapy, I was strolling down Beverly Blvd. (near Melrose) just window shopping. I passed many quaint boutiques, galleries and restaurants, many of which are the best that Los Angeles has to offer. I was in my element, that is, until I noticed the dismissive response from some snobby staff and patrons. I dismissed them in turn as I was convinced that I know more about art, cuisines and fashion than they ever would but I really don't know what set them off. It could be that I wasn't wearing any Fendi or that my toe nails were not painted the "in color" for this season.

Why is beside the point anyhow, as I've found most people in L.A. are just "fronting". They act like they are someone famous or should be, meanwhile they are just their non-famous selves. They think that if they serve enough celebrity clients their client's celebrity will rub off on them... or at least some of the money. I admit that I was a little hurt so I just prayed about it and I continued on my way. As I took a few steps, a car passes and I get a glimpse of Julia Roberts in the passenger seat... I do a small but polite double take.

It is Julia Roberts! She is looking a bit drab and mousy, minus her mega-watt smile. Her hair wasn't highlighted and she was in a plain brown top that was the same color as her hair. Still, remarkably, she looked very happy and content and had just a slight DaVinci's "Mona Lisa" smile on her face. The driver (her husband?) was making pleasant small talk as they drove along. Then it hit me! That's the secret to making it here and remaining sane and down to earth. Be comfortable in the skin you're in and be happy when or where you are. Even if you're a nobody with no money or even if you're (like Julia Roberts) in a non-descript sedan, stuck in traffic, going to, maybe, a doctor's visit. Why waste time trying to impress anyone or being mean to anyone. I immediately got it and I thank God for the Julia-inspired revelation. I quickly leave the swanky row of shops and walked about 1 block more to a bargain shoe store and a $5 Chinese food place. Now that's my style!

As further proof, my sister e-mailed me some photos of Stars if they lived elsewhere in the U.S. Check it out it's real funny!

I laughed because the photos are so true of the bodies, fashions and experiences that these stars would have, if they were not living in Hollywood. There is great pressure here for stars to confirm to "type" and get extensive plastic surgery, hair extensions and to be incredibly thin.

More adventures from Hollywood coming soon. God Bless!

March 2009

I was walking the last few blocks to physical therapy a few weeks ago (exactly one year after the above post) and as I was crossing a side street, a large black Audi SUV pulled up to make a turn. The driver was a dark haired lady in her late 20's to early 30's and wearing a stylish black baseball cap. I thought the driver looked a bit familiar but I shrugged it off and continued on my way. My calf muscles were spasming though and I motioned at her to give me a bit more time to cross. She obliged with a polite nod and I limped across to the other side and stepped up to the relative safety of the sidewalk.

I wave a thanks to the driver and walked on for a bit but I felt someone watching me. I looked back to find that the car was still stopped at the intersection though traffic was clear and I noticed that the driver was still starring at me almost like if she felt that I looked familiar to her (or she was mesmerized by my "spasm" walk). Suddenly, I recognized her... it was Kathie Holmes. She stayed starring at me from the intersection for a few moments longer and I almost want to wave to her but I wanted to respect her privacy. She eventually drives on and, as I am late for my appointment, I just prayed for her and continued on also.

I pondered why I didn't recognize her sooner but I realize it's because she looks a bit different from her "pre-marital" days. Still, she did have very kind eyes and I could have sworn she was wearing a small cross on a necklace around her neck. I really pray that this means that she knows the Lord.

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