Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 2 - The Tour

Tue July 31st 2007

It's my first full day in L.A. and I have a full day planned. I woke up early and got showered and dressed and walked to Hollywood Blvd. I had signed up for a tour of Los Angeles when I book my flight weeks earlier and the tour was scheduled to start at 9 a.m. The tour included the downtown area, Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Hills and the famous Hollywood sign among other notable sites. There was a bit of confusion before boarding the buses because so many different tours were leaving the same area at the same time. I felt like I waited in line for what felt like forever then we boarded a bus which ended up being the wrong bus so I had to get off again.

I finally got on the right bus and it's filled with a lot of Scandinavian tourist who were all extremely happy to be in L.A. Other notable stand outs on the bus include a lady who looked exactly like Mary J. Blige and a Orthodox Jewish couple. Our tour guide was a woman from Canada who was quite entertaining (I learned later that L.A. is filled with many Canadians... and Russians... and Mexicans...). Apparently, she came to L.A. as an actor and so she knew a lot of locations where many of my favorite movies were shot. In fact, the last scene of the movie Speed were shot right were we boarded the bus.

Unfortunately, this is the week that both Paris Hilton and Linsdsey Lohan got into their troubles so our first stop was at Paris' house, of course (sarcasm). Why I was surprised at this is still beyond me. Apparently, Paris had already moved from the house but people actually got out and took pictures of her house and even took pictures of her trash cans... ridiculous! Finally, they get back into the bus and we are back on the tour. First, we go to the Hollywood Bowl where some of the staff do a double take at the Mary J. Blige look-alike. Next is Chinatown (not as nice as the one in D.C.) then downtown to the Disney Building (it's shiny), the LaBrea tar pits then we are off to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. This part of the tour was a real treat and not because of the chance to shop in the expensive and opulent stores but because the stores have great a/c.

Eventually, I'm just too hot and I decide that I'm staying in the bus for the rest of the tour. I drink 2 bottles of water in an attempt to stay hydrated but the temperature is now nearly 100 degrees. It's true that L.A. is not humid like summers in D.C. but eventually it takes a toll. Next stop, the Lady of Angeles Church. This part of the tour takes us to a part of L.A. that's just like a small sleepy Mexican Indian village (which is what L.A. was). My bladder is killing me so I take care of that first then go and sit in the church to pray a bit. It's very peaceful there but I have to leave so I won't miss the bus. It's definitely over 100 degrees now and I'm sweating profusely. I remember what my medical training taught me... push fluids and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I certainly don't want to fall out here in L.A. and I don't want to see the inside of an ER as a patient while I'm here. Glory to God!

We return to Hollywood Blvd. and I step into the Kodak Theater for a little break from the heat. As I walk back out, I step right onto a movie set as they are filming a new movie! The movie is called House Bunnies and the production guys said it is like Revenge of the Nerds but with girls. I hussle back to the tour bus where we switched buses and tour guides. Time for part 2! Our new guide is a man in his 30's who is real cool and full of more film trivia. He took us through the Hollywood Hills and to homes' of a few stars. Thank goodness we saw no one except the paparazzi staking out the Beckham's house. We drive further up the hills to the Hollywood sign where we can see the city spread out beneath us from all vantage points. We then go to Graystone castle where many scenes from X-Men were filmed. It's really a lovely place but it involved lots of walking. Half way through, I bow out and I just sit and wait until everyone returns. The group returns and the tour guide starts driving us back to Hollywood Blvd. He apologizes that the tour was shorter than expected and that we didn't see as much as usual but no one complains.

We get back and I'm so glad we returned early. What convinced me I could do a full tour just 1 day after flying cross country? I am bone tired, my back is killing me and my calves are beginning to spasm. I think, "boy, I could use a massage ". Then I see a massage place and I mouth the words "thank you, God". I walk over near a small pagoda and I knock on the door. Two Asian women in their 20's answer the door with a smile. I ask if I can have a massage and they quickly say that they don't think I want their kind of massage (wink, wink). I insisted," no, I can take a firm massage and I'm really in a lot of pain". I turn and show them the points on my neck and back that were killing me. "See, see ... that spot there... and there... and here". The women giggled and blush and I noticed that they're wearing short white smocks, 4 inch heels and not much else. I backed away from the door slowly... I finally understand. Only in L.A.

Update: 3/26/09
I still haven't found a real massage place here. Please, let me know if anyone knows of one in the L.A. area especially one that a Christian would feel comfortable with.

Keep praying guys!

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