Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Sandra Bullock

I was at the El Capitan Theater for the red carpet arrivals for the movie premiere of The Proposal in Hollywood on June 1, 2009. The movie stars Sandra Bullock at her rom-com best and she shares the screen with Ryan "six pack" Reynolds. I have loved Sandra Bullock ever since I first saw her in Speed. Her appeal is that of the girl (now woman) next door who is just a bit like you. She appears to be someone who you can root for in a crisis and laugh with at happier times so she is a sure bet to get many to the theaters even in a down economy.

Mary Steinburgen, Malin Ackerman and TV favs like Craig T. Nelson (Coach) and Betty White (The Golden Girls) round out The Proposal's cast. The movie was made by Disney for about $40 million with Sandra Bullock as a producer on the film (smart girl).

Lets talk fashion! Ms. Bullock looked great in a sleeveless black dress with an interesting asymmetrical shoulder, a pencil skirt-like bottom, strands of pearls and chains as well as a pair of 6 inch stroppy black heels. She worked the crowd of screaming fans that were nearly a block long, many times out running her body guards to give an autograph or a photo op to a pleading fan. Make no mistake, as nice as Ryan Reynolds looks, the screaming crowd of guys and gals were there for Sandra Bullock. There has recently been many in the industry who have debated whether a woman can really open a blockbuster movie. To them I say, "If any woman can do it, Sandra Bullock can!"

Now I'm not hating on Ryan Reynolds as I've been a fan of Ryan Reynolds since the TV show, Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. I had missed Ryan Reynolds at the Wolverine: X-MEN Origins movie premiere at the Chinese Mann's Theater weeks earlier. My only consolation had been that I had had the opportunity to meet and talk to Hugh Jackman, which was very brave of him especially during the swine flu rage in L.A. (lol). This time I got to see Reynolds and real close up too despite the professional autograph scalpers all around me. Mr. Reynolds looked dapper in a pale yellow or beige suit made of lightweight material, a grayish sweater vest with blue plaid stripes and a blue tie. He is a tall man (about 6' 2" or 3") and he's thinner than I thought he would be. He seemed very shy and a bit overwhelmed but he was well received by the crowds.

Reynolds exited the red carpet around the time Malin Ackerman was entering. Ms. Ackerman wore a blue satin dress and gorgeous pumps. I felt what she wore looked way better than what she wore at The Watchmen premiere, which I felt looked more like an Oscar gown. The scalpers were trying to get her to sign her near naked Watchmen figurines and memorabilia as they had had Reynolds sign X-Men stuff but she didn't tarry outside long.

Betty White entered as we chanted her name loudly. She was wearing a powder blue pant suit and she wavered spiritedly back at us. People who had been to earlier screenings said that Betty White stole the movie and had the best lines ever. The photographer near me said that he new her personally and that she swears like a sailor and tells the raunchiest jokes. I was glad to see her as I've loved her from The Carol Burnette Show and The Lou Grant Show, way back when.

I absolutely loved The Proposal, so much so, I actually saw it twice. Bullock and Reynolds had great sexual chemistry despite their age difference (10 years?). Also, Bullock is still among the best as far as physical comedy goes. Ms. Bullock hadn't made a movie in nearly 6 years so it was good to see her back to form. With all due respect to Ryan Reynolds' wife, getting a peak of him naked didn't hurt either. At last count, this movie was on it's way to making over $150 million! "You go girl"!

I've attached the videos links below because I was about 15 feet to the left of the cameras:

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