Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Skinny On Hollywood!

In the 1950's, "the skinny" was a phrase used to imply the inside scoop or story but here in Hollywood it takes on a whole other meaning. Sure America and most developed countries like the UK are experiencing an obesity epidemic but in L.A. weight obsession is taken to the extreme. I have attended countless red carpet events where "barely there" waif-like starlets wear "barely there outfits" and pose for the cameras. Most look too thin and too fragile and down right unhealthy while others look unreal(read like bubble-head dolls or mannequins). Worst, the resulting photo is then air-brushed and photo-shopped to make them look even thinner and more unreal. I know that the camera adds 10-15 pounds on a person and that these photos can make or break a budding actresses career but this practice of manipulating photos and the pressures to keep these unrealistic weights and images are damaging the psyche of all women.

The flip side to this is the reality show genre which seems to exploit average fat joes and josephines as they struggle to lose extreme amounts of weight in mere months. I admit that I do watch The Biggest Loser but I absolutely could not stomach "Dance Your A** Off or most of the Celebrity Fit Club. I think I am especially sensitive to the topic as I have a medical background and have battled weight myself. Still, the questions needs asking-- how far has this obsession with being thin gone especially among celebrities and actresses?

Here are some of my first hand accounts:

At the 2006 Toronto Film Festival:
Jessica Lange looked brittle thin and Kathy Bates looked plus-sized/fat but Kathy actually looked the more healthy looking of the two. I was afraid to even touch Ms. Lange for fear she would break. Ms. Bates also looked the more youthful of the two and she was very outgoing and friendly. Sandra Bullock looked petite (size 2-4) and quite healthy looking and glowing. She is by far the most outgoing and engaging on the red carpet.

At the 2007 Emmy's:,
Ellen Pompeo and E's Giuliana Rancic looked quite scarily thin and brittle.
While Eva Longoria (a size 0-2?) and Padma Lakshmi the former model turned host/chef of Top Chef(maybe a size 4-6)looked naturally slim and glowing. They both gave lots of love to the bleacher fans and allowed many photo ops.
Kimora Lee former model turned TV reality star looked fab if at above her modeling size (probably a size 10-12 now). She did a credible job as co-host as she commented on the fashion on display.
Ugly Betty's America Ferrerer(size 6-8) and Grey's Anatomy Sara Ramirez looked curvy and voluptuous. Chandra Wilson also from Grey's is busty, plus-size/fat but looked very nice in her gown. Funny, these three(3)fuller of fatter women got the most applause and cheers from the bleacher fans and had more requests for interviews on the red carpet. They were also nominees in best actress categories so this may be a reason but I know the fans just raved about their physical looks as well as their acting abilities.

John Hancock movie set September 2007:
I missed seeing Charlize Theron but everyone who saw her said that she was tall and thin but not too skinny. I saw her body/stunt double who looked naturally slim but I will reserve any comments about Ms. Theron until I see her myself. Everyone said that Charlize was very nice on set though and not a primma donna.

Random Star Sightings 2008-09:
Julia Roberts looked slim but healthy.
Katie Holmes could add about 8-10 pounds

Iron Man Premiere June 2008:
Gwyneth Paltrow looking slender but healthy in a lovely outfit.

Comic Con 2008 Fox Studio's Panel- Max Payne Panel:
Mila Kunis looked glowing, bubbly and happy! She's a petite height and about size 0-2and she obviously loves to talk.

And it's not just white women struggling with this folks, minorities are struggling too!

Street Kings Premiere April 2008:

Martha Higareda looked like she lost weight for her first Hollywood red carpet to the point that her purple satin dress was ill-fitted and falling off her. Many Hispanic men confided to me that they felt that she was now too thin for their liking.

Naomie Harris from Pirates of The Caribbean fame is a wonderful actress but she looked sickly and bobble-head thin. She seemed to have actually acted her butt of in this movie (literally)! I watched her from another table across from her, as she talked with a group of black actresses of varying weights and shades. I so wanted to say "hello" and tell her how I liked he acting but I couldn't because I was afraid I would do an intervention and hand feed her the h'ordourves that she was just pushing around her plate.

Watchmen Premiere June 2009:
Malik Ackerman looks height and weight appropriate (size 6) in an ivory lace gown while Vanessa Hugdens looked like an Olsen twin. IMHO, Carla Giarg looks better when she is at a higher weight but she looked glamorous in a bright green gown.

Actresses struggle with weight during and post pregnancy!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Premiere:
I got a glimpse of Halle Berry entering and she looked very tiny in her post-baby body. I didn't know who she was for the longest time because she is so diminutive (under 5 feet tall).

However, Minnie Driver rocked with he rotund third trimester bell and breasts at the Street Kings Premiere.

And actresses struggle with weight intensifies as they age in the business.

The Proposal Premiere June 2009:Sandra Bullock (40s), Betty White(70's) and Malik Ackerman(30s)all looking good. Mary Steinburger(60s) looking a little thin and frail.

And men are struggling too!

Many of the male stars that I've met in Hollywood are shorter than they appear on screen but who would have thought that they would be thinner?

These guys look exactly as you see them on screen:
Terry Crews (he's a buff guy!)
The Rock (the original buff guy!)
Chris Evans (what a nice young man)
Edris Elba(a polite guy)
Vince Vaughn (tall guy)
Ben Stiller
Mark Wahlberg
The Game(rapper/actor)

These are the male stars that are thinner than expected but still look healthy:
-Ryan Reynolds (Mr. 6 pack)
-Hugh Jackman(post Wolverine bulk)
-Robert Downey Jr.(an amazing comeback story)
-Keanu Reeves(seems like a naturally lanky guy)
-Tom Cruise (a very small man all around)
-Billy Crudup
-Cat Stevens

These guys were a little heavier looking than expected:
-Gerard Butler (post 300 bulk but still not bad)

-Jack Black was actually smaller all around than expected
-Seth Rogen has lost a ton of weight and needs to stop now

Thin and unhealthy looking male stars:
Carson Daly
I missed him at the Writers picket line at NBC studios in 2007 but everyone else there said that he looked real bad and used the word "manorexic". Note: Daly had also crossed the picket line so that may have tainted their opinions.

Don't get me wrong, the above commentary is not to be mean or critical to anyone. Nor am I advocating any ideal weight or weight loss program for anyone specifically but I do know that everyone has an ideal weight and fitness level for themselves based on a lot of variables including genetics and even profession. I believe also that God has an ideal weight for us and that we should seek His advice when we are considering adjusting our weight. I did this very thing and I am nearly 90 pounds the better for it! Interested in what the Bible says about weight and health? Just google "what would Jesus eat?" and see.

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