Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cats And Dogs Movie Premiere

Sunday Jul 25th 2010
Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore had its red carpet movie premiere today at Grauman's Chinese Theater. It was a crowded and busy day out as it was the Walk Of Fame's 50th Anniversary(see previous post). It was also one of the hottest days of this relatively cool L.A. summer so everyone was drinking lots of water. I situated myself on the same side of the street at the theater and quickly made friends with some tourists from New York City. The stars started arriving at 3:00 pm including the 4 legged shaggy variety. First up was James Marsden(X-MEN, 27 Dresses)who was handsome and casually dressed in a dark blue striped long-sleeved cotton shirt, stone washed jeans and sneakers. Alas, all our screaming couldn't get this hunk to come over to us and believe me we tried... hard. So hard in fact that I'll be hoarse tomorrow(lol).

Then Michael Clark Duncan appeared with a slim black lady in a beige colored dress. He raced around hugging and smiling with the fans and even juggled a few fake fire hydrants. Then beautiful Cristina Applegate took a stroll in black top and leggings, sporting her cute baby bump. The lady next to me was a an oncology nurse who works with breast cancer survivors so after we both screamed how much we loved Cristina we talked about how courageous and inspiring Cristina has been. A shaggy dog and the bald kitty posed for a few photos on the red (actually it was a green carpet as if to simulate a lawn)then they were quickly taken out of the heat(luck pets).

30 Rock's Jack McBraden was all toothy smiles and waves as he walked the carpet. We screamed his named so loudly that he blushed and "oh, shucks" for a bit then waved when we begged for him to come over. Next up was Chris O'Donnel (Bat Man, CSI: L.A.) who quietly posed for a few photos just as Terri Seymour (Entertainment Tonight correspondent and Simon Cowell's ex)walked through the crowd. She was nearly 6 feet tall in her 6 inch heels and I said hello to her by name three times as she brushed by me near the "will call" to get her ticket. She didn't answer me back and I was about to get a bit miffed when I realize I had been referring to her politely as Ms. Seymour and not Terri. She finally turned, laughed self-consciously at herself and said "Oh, hello!"

A few minutes later Paul Rodriguez pops up at my elbow and enters from the wrong side of the viewing line. I scream his name then everyone starts to scream for him. He goes to the fans on the other side of the street then comes back and takes some more pictures for the press then he enters the theater. I was looking for Bette Midler and Joe "Pant" Pantiliano 2 of my favs but they were no shows as was Sean Hayes from Will And Grace. At one time, a photographer with a canon camera and telephoto lens, was actually running up and down the red carpet taking pictures of the stars which is very unusual as photographers usually stay behind the barricades in the press box.

I was not able to score any extra tickets from the will call staff or the guests and it was so hot, I had a small sunburn and sweat was rolling down my back. Not to mention that my legs were about through so I was thinking of leaving. The photographer from earlier stands near me and stretches and I thought he looked a bit familiar but it is just too hot to think. Just as I was about to call it a day, up pops Paul Rodriguez again but this time he is leaving. I scream for him again and everyone starts shouting his name and asking for autographs. He is carrying a small Chihuahua with a yellow lacy bow. He stares at me and says to me "I remember you from earlier". He leaves all the other fans and walks back to me and shakes my hand. I told him that I've loved him for years to which he says thank you and kisses me European style on my cheeks and with that I was able to head home happy(lol).

I just checked a celeb website for pictures from the premiere. The black lady with Michael Clark Duncan was Omarosa from The Apprentice (Ew!). I was astonished that it turns out the photographer guy was actually Joe Pantiliano! I wished I knew that was him because I absolutely love him in The Goonies and The Matrix, of course. I could have talked to him for days about his experiences on The Matrix and I mean days. On second thought, maybe it was a good thing that I didn't know it was him. ;)

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