Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

INCEPTION: Movie Premiere

I was with the fans outside the L.A. movie premiere and red carpet for the movie Inception on Tues 7/13. Inception is the new and highly anticipated film from Dark Knight's Chris Nolan. I missed the arrival of most of the main stars and but I spoke with those who saw the stars arriving and here's the run-down:

Leonardo DiCaprio crossed the street and spent a lot of time greeting the fans along the barricades and signing autographs and he was "real cool".
Chris Nolan ,Dark Knight's famed director) was a fan favorite and he arrived to lots of cheers.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt(the cute kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun and 500 Days of Summer)practically snuck by and not many people recognized him.
Ellen Page was "cute as a button" and a nerd-boy's dream and many guys couldn't stop gushing about her.
Marion Cotilliard seemed nice enough but didn't seem to spark too much lasting interest from the fans and unfortunately Michael Caine was a no show.

After all the stars were in theater, they let us get close to the red carpet and viewing area and I hung out there with the fans and a few remaining photogs. It actually wasn't a red carpet but a black carpet with the word "INCEPTION" in big red block letters and there were large wall-like posters from the movie along the walk area.

The After-party:They erected 3-4 massive white tens in the parking area behind El Capitan just by the Hollywood High School. The tents were air-conditioned (a blessing in 94 degree heat) and very high end and the main tent had glass along the entrance as you walked in and I think I spied potted plants as the decor. They had a long corridor made of metal pipes and lined with black fabric and a similarly draped black platform that was like a small maze that led from the back of the El Capitan Theater directly to the main tent in the parking lot.

Warner Brothers spent a lot for this intricate set up and they had one tent just for the caterers alone. The porta-johns were also high end and nearly twice the size of the ones I usually see and they were in a nice taupe color as apposed to the common light blue variety we use. I counted over 30 security staff and they were doing a good job of patrolling the entrances and perimeter, keeping the uninvited out. That is, except at the low fence near the high school where someone could have easily crawled over and entered if so inclined.

I heard they had a strict dress code for fans who wrangled tickets to the premiere and I was outside with a guy who said they didn't let him in because of it. I never have to worry about that as I always carry a sequenced tank, sparkly, stroppy, kitten-heeled sandals and matching accessories in my handbag whenever I attend premieres, just in case I score a ticket. I am beyond resourceful(lol)!

Alas, no ticket this time so I watched everything through the fence especially the caterers in the food prep tent, which looked like hard work but fun at the same time. The food could have been a little more imaginative though as I saw the routine stuff (roast beef, salad greens, crustinis etc.). Maybe a creative food design that mirrors the theme of the movie or a set piece... like a big water fall of beverages into a punch bowl and buildings made from cake that crumble and collapse as you slice it.

I ease-dropped on the wait-staff conversations for a bit as this is usually a good source of insider tid-bits. Unfortunately, none of it was industry stuff so I moved on to see if any of the stars would arrive early to the main tent. I observed for a bit more then I got bored and moved on.

Toy Story 3/Disney Fun Rides Carnival:As I was leaving, I strolled by the Disney/Toy Story 3 carnival on the Hollywood High's field next door. It was closed for the day but it's opened daily until 7:00 to anyone who buys a ticket to see Toy Story at The El Capitan. It looked like fun so I think I'll "borrow" a kid and join the fun on the rides next weekend(lol).

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