Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ray Harryhausen Double Feature and Exhibit At The Academy

I loved Ray Harryhausen and the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad as a kid cause it's a film that showed the endless possibilities of depicting creatures in live action films (through stop-gap animation) way before Rick Baker and Star Wars and way, way before the current CGI and digital effects.

Seems the film inspired Peter Jackson as well. Jackson just released an amateur remake he did of the film when he was 15 during a tribute to Harryhausen at the BAFTA. The film clip Jackson showed was beyond funny but I gave it an A for effort! Stop-gap animation might even be making a come back as we saw with the Fantastic Mr. Fox last year. Maybe Jackson might try his hand at rekindling that 7th Voyage/Sinbad remake project that fell through a few years back (this only after he does the Hobbit films, of course).

For those in LA, the Academy is showing the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad along with 20,000 Miles To Earth as part of a Ray Harryhausen double feature this Fri 7/16 at the Sam Goldwyn Building. An exhibition of Harryhausen's work will also be on display at the museum before the show and the exhibition runs through 8/22. Come watch the work of this great pioneer and watch Cyclops chow down!

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