Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Captain America & Comic Con

Tue 7/19/11
Comic-geek alert! I was on Hollywood Blvd for the red carpet premiere of Captain America at the El Capitan Theater today and boy did they transform Hollywood Blvd into a patriotic and splendorous sight. They draped the entire block in red, white and blue and the stars and stripes and they erected a 30 foot high shield with a large crane. I saw many stars and top directors including the movie's star, Chris Evans, and the other Avengers- Oscar winner, Robert Downey, Jr.(Iron Man), Samuel Jackson(Nick Fury), Chris Helmswort (Thor) and actor/director, Kenneth Branaugh.

Obviously all this was a lead up to the upcoming ensemble Avenger movie projected for 2012. I don't know how much longer the comic book/super hero movie craze will continue in Hollywood but I for one am eager to see Captain America. The trailer is just the right blend of patriotism, 40's/WWII nostalgia and good action without the over-hyped CGI heavy effects that have taken over the industry these days. The story seems very solid so I think it will be worth the ticket price which is crucial in these tough financial times. My movie review will be posted later with the end of summer movie wrap up.

Captain America Fashion:
All the men looked suave but, with no A-list Hollywood female stars on the cast, the red carpet for this movie was not fashion heavy. A bespectacled Evans looked very nice but he blew off the entire crowd including a 7 year old boy who had bean waiting for him to stop and sign his miniature Captain America shield (boo Chris!). Everything else was great though, plus they had the classic 40's silver roadster from the movie parked along the boulevard and the free mini red(strawberry), white(vanilla) and blue(berry) flavored ice cream cones they handed out were a hit.

I thank God for the opportunity to be in this industry rich environment and the time to enjoy it and I'm especially glad that God has me under His big shield!

Comic Con
starts this Thursday night but I'm less eager for Comic Con this sort of tame year. With the exception of Steven Spielberg first appearance at Con with Tin Tin (what took him so long???) and the premiere of Cowboys and Indians at the event, there are no other big tent pole movies expected.

Oh, Oh. Cowboys and Indians is getting poor word of mouth and the Conan movie trailers seem “meh” to me so I'll be skipping that, too. I guess it'll be Kung Fu Panda 2 for me 'cause no other movie is talking to me.

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