Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Closer On My Patio

The TV show The Closer filmed at my apartment today and it was real fun! I got to hang out and to pick the brains of the producer, PA, and location crew at poolside then I returned to my apartment and the cool A/C as they shot a scene about 4 feet from my patio. The cast and crew chatted with me in between takes about production issues and about my friends BBQ grill on my patio. They even joked about skipping the craft service food and instead hopping down on my patio for BBQ ribs!

Unfortunately, Kyra Sedgwick, G.W. Bailey and most of the primary cast were absent but I got such industry insider access including a Sunshine Kids shout out as Oscar-winning producer, Andy Sacks discovered that both he and I were wearing Sunshine Kids tees! G.W. Bailey is the executive director of the Sunshine Kids and most of the Closer's cast and crew are active with the organization and I volunteer occassionally with the Sunshine Kids so it was a win-win. AMAZING GOD!!!

I found that it was real hard to stay quiet on set(more proof that I talk too much-lol). I took a few pics but it was a closed set so I couldn't take many or do videos. Watch for this episode of The Closer and visit The Closer at & visit or find them on FACEBOOK. Thanks again Lord!

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