Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Keeping The Faith In Hollywood!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MJ's Doctor's Trial Begins

The trial of Michael Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, just began and I couldn't resist watching a bit of the testimony. This case comes down to one thing, irregardless of what MJ may have done, doctors take an oath that holds us legally responsible i.e. that we must "cause no harm". Dr. Murray, the dermatologist, the pharmacists and all the other health professionals that treated MJ could have stopped all this and force MJ to rehab at any moment instead of enabling him to his death.

I only knew MJ from TV, media etc. but I could tell he had serious mental issues from childhood(or lack of it) and that he had some type of abuse/addiction problem. So if you are unwise enough to sign on to be a doctor under these circumstances, you assume the risk. Propofol IV medication for sleep at home is crazy enough but why not set up in a proper setting with monitoring equipment and staff to give the drug or wean the drug appropriately. In fact, why not send him to a sleep or addiction specialist clinic while you're at it?

And if Murray didn't know all that was going on with MJ or found out suspicious things were going on (Demerol use etc), why clear him medically for the tour and have them add 20 more shows to the initial 30? Why not just tell AEG the situation, document it medically, quit as his doctor and have them replace you?

Also, why be in another room on the phone with frivolous calls when your patient is in potential risk of his breath stopping due to propolfol.

The moral: Doctors can not afford to be impressed by celebrity when they treat or care for celebrities because it will always end badly.

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